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Delicous cooking with a good lay-out

Cooking gets just a bit sweeter when your kitchen has a good lay-out. So when you're looking for a new kitchen, it's a good idea to thing about the lay-out. At IKEA we like to think about the kitchen triangle: a smooth path from your fridge, to your sink, to your cooking hob. And back. Which triangle suits you best?

    Single-sided kitchen

    You might have noticed that this isn't a triangle, but the single-sided kitchen still belongs here. It's perfect for houses that are a bit small, or when you cook by yourself often. A lay-out with all cabinets and appliances on one side is simple, but always helps you reach your cooking goals.

    Double-sided kitchen

    When you have a bit more space and cook together often, a double-sided kitchen might suit your needs. In this lay-out you can easily cook and move with two persons. In a double-sided kitchen with cabinets with a depth of 60cm, you need 120cm in the middle to be able to open all doors properly.

    Double-sided kitchen with bar

    With a single row of kitchen cabinets you can create a bar, that's perfect for breakfast and drinks. Or use this room divider as extra workspace while cooking.

    L-shaped kitchen 

    A kitchen in a corner of L-shape offers a lot of space to cook and for storage. There's special cabinets that can be placed in the corner to optimise the space.

    Open L-shaped kitchen

    A kitchen in a corner or L-shape doesn't have to connect fully. Sometimes you simply have a door in the way, but that doesn't has to spoil the cooking fun.

    U-shaped kitchen 

    In a U-shaped kitchen you have everything at hand quick and easy: from your fridge to your cutting board to the oven. And there's a lot of storage space as added bonus.

    Open U-shaped kitchen

    You don't need to create a complete U to be able to enjoy this convenient lay-out. With three kitchen cabinet combinations you can create a open U that's just as handy.

    Island kitchen

    Does your dream kitchen have an island? A lot of space on the worktop, massive amounts of storage space and the best of all: space to cook together. An island is a luxury!