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You've been thinking about repainting your walls in a different colour for some time now. But as we all know, choosing a paint colour isn't easy. Although your choice of colour is very personal, there are a number of steps you can follow to guide you in your search. Armed with these handy tips, you'll find the perfect match to create a cosy interior in just a few simple steps.

Choosing a paint colour — tips — interior — IKEA interior inspiration
Choosing a paint colour — tips — interior — IKEA interior inspiration
Choosing the right paint colour — interior — colour composition — IKEA interior inspiration

Select the type of shade: warm, cool or neutral

Every paint colour (even grey) is made up of the primary colours: red, blue and yellow. The ratio of the mixture determines whether a colour appears warm, neutral or cool. The colour temperature affects the atmosphere in your room. You can create a cosy atmosphere using warmer shades, such as the grey to the left above. Or if you want to keep it fresh, go for a neutral colour, such as the grey on the right. Create a slightly more edgy look with a cool colour, such as the grey in the middle.

A dark room or a room that doesn't get any sunlight will look more beautiful with warm tones. A room that gets a lot of morning or evening light can get away with a cooler shade".


Choosing a paint colour — comparing — IKEA interior inspiration

Select the saturation: From light to dark

Colours not only contain a certain amount of red, blue and yellow, but also black and white. In a bright colour, there is more white; deeper and richer colours contain more black. The strength of a colour affects the feel of a room. Colour can make a room look larger or smaller. With a deep, intense colour, a large space feels more homely; with a light colour, a small room looks more spacious.

If your room gets lots of sunlight, you can choose (almost) any colour that you want. But avoid the really bright colours, as these look even brighter in full sunlight. If your room doesn't get too much natural light, light warm tones are best".


Choosing a paint colour — living room — IKEA interior inspiration

The power of light

Light has a huge impact on how a paint colour looks. Just like paint, light can be cool, warm or neutral. You should therefore try the colours on your own wall before making your final choice. It is a good idea to let the paint samples dry for 24 to 48 hours. Take a look at how the paint colour changes in different types of light: artificial light, cloudy daylight and bright sunlight. Also think about how the colour goes with your furniture.

Choosing a paint colour: The effect

In the third step, we opted for a cool and moderately saturated shade of grey (the middle colour from the top row in step 3). As you can see, it looks quite blue in warm natural light. The colour has more impact if the entire wall is painted. Even the sofa seems to turn a different shade of grey!

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