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Privacy policy - Taking part in a promotion or event

Each day we work to improve the daily lives of as many people as possible, not just through our products and collections, but also through our services. In some instances this requires us to obtain information. We don’t gather information just for the sake of it. At the end of the day, this is about your privacy and in our opinion it is something that we need to be absolutely clear about.

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Taking part in a promotion or event

There are regular promotions, events and mini-events in and around our store, such as drawing competitions, exhibitions, workshops or promotional lotteries. To us, it is important for organisational reasons that we know who is taking part. We can also use this data to send you information about the time and place of the event, send you a reminder just before it is due to take place and, if you are the lucky winner of a prize, to contact you to let you know.

Furthermore it is also interesting for us to find out whether during or after a promotion or event more products were sold, for example, or what type of customer visited the promotion or event. For this reason, if you participate in a promotion or event we need your name, address, date of birth, and interests, et cetera. We will store this data for two years.

For some promotions or events we need extra assistance, in which case we will share your data with external service providers. These external service providers may only use your data in order to provide the relevant service. They may not, therefore, use this data for their own purposes or forward it to others.

If you have an IKEA FAMILY account, your participation will be linked to your IKEA FAMILY account.

The IKEA Concept Center in Delft also organises local events. It is the controller, responsible for processing the relevant data in the IKEA Concept Center in Delft. It does this in accordance with the same conditions as those set out above.

Like to know more?

If you would like to learn more about where your data is stored, for example, or who you should contact change that data, then read on.

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