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Privacy policy - Social media

Each day we work to improve the daily lives of as many people as possible, not just through our products and collections, but also through our services. In some instances this requires us to obtain information. We don’t gather information just for the sake of it. At the end of the day, this is about your privacy and in our opinion it is something that we need to be absolutely clear about.

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Social media

IKEA Nederland uses social media to keep you updated on the latest trends and products, to provide a behind-the-scenes view, and to offer smart solutions. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest. IKEA Concept Center in Delft has its own Instagram page.

IKEA imposes no conditions on the use of social media; but you must agree to the conditions set out by the relevant social media platform.

Contact with IKEA Nederland via social media

If you contact us via social media with a question, we will store that message and your account name so that we can respond. For details about contacting our customer service, click here.

We may also sometimes contact you via Instagram to ask whether we may use a photo of you for marketing purposes. We will contact you if you post a photo that creates links via tagging or a hashtag to IKEA or our products. We will not use such a photo without your permission.

Advertisements from IKEA Nederland on social media

IKEA uses the advertising opportunities of social media platforms. We present you with advertisements based on the data that the social media platform has collected with your consent, for example, the fact that you follow us, that you are interested in interior design, or that you live in a certain region. IKEA has no influence over the nature of the data about you stored by social media platforms. This is specified in the conditions of the social media platform and can often be regulated by the settings on your social media profile.

Like to know more?

If you would like to learn more about where your data is stored, for example, or who you should contact change that data, then read on.

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