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Shower curtains

The beauty of a shower curtain is that it has two sides. On the one side the water is contained and on the other we see its sparkling personality. At IKEA, you can always find a shower curtain that suits your personal style.

Shower curtain: wet inside, stylish outside

Someone with two faces is often not to be trusted, but you have nothing to fear from an IKEA shower curtain. It keeps the water where it belongs and adds a stylish touch to the bathroom. Our shower curtains come in various materials and styles. Some are washable and some can be cut to fit your shower. And the price won't put a dampener on your plans. A shower curtain rod and rings will ensure that your curtain is securely fitted. 

Stylish and water-resistant shower curtains

Whether you spend hours under the shower or you're an in-and-out sort of person, our shower curtains stand out while always keeping the water in. You can hang the print side on the inside, so you can also appreciate the stylish design. Want to give your bathroom a mini-makeover? Style it with a matching bath mat and soft towels. You can get a lot of things into a bathroom cabinet. Accessories for the shower are, of course, indispensable. A handy place for all of those shower accessories lying around so that you can really enjoy your shower.