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A towel waits patiently for its moment of glory. While it does, we think it should look good. We have different sizes, colours and styles of bath towels, so you can choose ones that make you happy to have around. Any choice feels good since they’re all soft and absorbent for a drying job done well.

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A great towel can be your best friend in the bathroom. They welcome you with fluffy warmth as you step out of the shower after a long and tiresome day. They’re kind to your hands after washing and are especially important during the winter when the air is drier. They gently take care of your face where the skin is more sensitive and needs careful treatment.

To make sure you find your perfect match, we have a wide range of towels, bath sheets, washcloths, and bath towels in different colours and sizes. From small baby cloths of 20x20 centimetres, to large and cosy 140x97 centimetre bath towels. Each and every one of them are machine washable, and you can throw pretty much all of them in the tumble dryer.

So much more than “just” a towel

A nice towel can be the key ingredient that transforms your bathroom into the home spa you crave. To make it extra easy for you to put together your own home spa, or if you just want to spruce up the bathroom, we have some lovely ready-made kits. The kits consist of some of our favourite products, such as a bathrobe and slippers combo, or towels with matching hooks, to name a few. They make a great a gift to someone you love (no matter if that someone is you). Treat yourself!

Special towels for your face, hands, and body? Definitely!

Most of us have large bath towels for showers and baths, and smaller towels for drying off freshly washed hands. But not everyone has special towels for the face. And that’s a must!

First of all, the face needs a towel in a gentle material. You don't want a rough material scrubbing off the outer layer of your face after washing. Secondly, it's better not to use the same towel for your hands as for your face, from a hygienic perspective.

Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure to match your fresh new towels with a bath mat and shower curtains for a coherent look.

Bathing with babies

Of course, there's something for the little ones too. When the bathing and washing fun is done, cuddle time begins. Wrap your child in a baby-towel with a hood, and they will be happy as a clam. It covers the whole body, helps to dry the hair, and it keeps the little one warm. A guaranteed snuggle success! You can also find smaller cloths in our range, perfect for baths, diaper changes, or wiping after a snack. Throw them in the washing machine when needed and use them over and over again.