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Recycled materials

By using recycled polyester from sources like PET bottles, we consume less raw materials, lower our environmental impact, and give existing materials a new life. It’s an important step in reducing our environmental impact and becoming more circular in the way we work.

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More optionsSKUBB Laundry bag with stand 80 l

SKUBB Laundry bag with stand, black, 80 l

More optionsMJUKPLISTER Bedspread 160x250 cm

MJUKPLISTER Bedspread, beige, 160x250 cmMJUKPLISTER Bedspread, beige, 260x250 cmMJUKPLISTER Bedspread, dark blue, 260x250 cm

More optionsVALEVÅG Pocket sprung mattress 140x200 cm

VALEVÅG Pocket sprung mattress, firm/light blue, 140x200 cmVALEVÅG Pocket sprung mattress, firm/light blue, 90x200 cmVALEVÅG Pocket sprung mattress, medium firm/light blue, 90x200 cm

More optionsNYSKÖLJD Dish drying mat 44x36 cm

NYSKÖLJD Dish drying mat, blue, 44x36 cm

More optionsBENGTA Block-out curtain, 1 length 210x300 cm

BENGTA Block-out curtain, 1 length, blue, 210x300 cmBENGTA Block-out curtain, 1 length, light green, 210x300 cm

More optionsSÄFFEROT Duvet, light warm 140x200 cm

SÄFFEROT Duvet, light warm, 200x200 cmSÄFFEROT Duvet, light warm, 240x220 cm

More optionsVADSÖ Sprung mattress 140x200 cm

VADSÖ Sprung mattress, firm/light blue, 90x200 cm
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