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Glassware & jugs

No matter the drink of choice, IKEA has the matching glasses. Soft drinks, wine, gin and tonic, milk – we have the right glass for any beverage. In many types and sizes. You'll also find other items you need in our range, such as straws and ice cubes. Read more about them here. Cheers!

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We have lowered the prices of our favorite kitchenware and tableware products, making them even more affordable.

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Discover some of our glassware series

When you set the table, don’t forget the glassware. Glasses, jugs and carafes for all occasions.

IKEA 365+ glassware series – Glassware for your everyday table
SVALKA series – Design and shape for aroma and flavour
POKAL series – Classic, elegant design
STORSINT series – Styled glassware for enhanced enjoyment

A glass for any occasion

You use glasses every day for breakfast, dinner, at work or while you study. We have drinking glasses and jugs in various styles and designs to suit any occasion. They are also available in different sizes, from large to small. The POKAL glasses are ideal for soft drinks or water but can also be used for hot tea. Do you prefer red or white? We have wine glasses for red and white wine. Aromas and flavours can develop better in the large bowl. The classic design is fitting for any occasion. Serve cold water on the side in one of our stylish water jugs or carafes. Our glasses add a personal touch and create the right ambiance during parties, or simply at the breakfast table.

Glasses in many types and sizes

Whether you are throwing a party or have a large family, glasses, carafes and wine glasses are always needed. Set the table with brilliant serving bowls for side dishes and set out glasses for different types of drinks. Because besides wine glasses we have champagne glasses, whiskey glasses, cocktail glasses and beer glasses. Our champagne flute is also perfect for serving desserts such as parfait. Lastly, don't forget to put the corkscrew and ice bucket on the table. Do you want to really style your dining room table? Our service with plates and bowls go hand in hand with our glasses. Your table setting will be complete with matching cutlery. With children in the house, you will not be able to escape the annual birthday parties. At least you don't have to be afraid of shards when you use our children's tableware. All the plates, cups and cutlery have been tested and are safe for even the smallest children.