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BBQ & outdoor kitchen

There's nothing quite like a summer BBQ. There's nothing finer than preparing tasty meat and vegetables in the outdoor kitchen with your family and friends around you Take a look at our charcoal barbecues, serving trolleys and fire pits and let the barbecue season begin.

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Barbecues with an outdoor cabinet

With barbecuing, the work surface is often quite small and you end up putting your food or cooking utensils on the ground. Not all that practical and also not very hygienic. That's why IKEA has designed practical outdoor furniture that helps you expand your barbecue into an outdoor kitchen. Put an outdoor cabinet next to the barbecue to store the charcoal and your barbecue tools. Or use a trolley to set up trays of meat and vegetables next to the outdoor table. IKEA barbecues and barbecue furniture are made from wood and/or aluminium. And you can opt for a barbecue with a lid and a temperature gauge to monitor the heat on the grill.

Lighting a fire safely for a barbecue or in a fire pit

Lighting a fire for a barbecue or in a fire basket can be a bit dangerous. So take good note of what you should do. Put your barbecue on a firm, flat surface. For portable charcoal barbecues, make sure that there are no flammable materials underneath or next to it. Better still, put the fire basket on a stone surface.

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