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Parasols & gazebos

Shade protects you from the sun's harmful UV rays. So set up your outdoor furniture under a gazebo, hang a canopy above the garden table and take an parasol with you to the beach to keep the sun's rays at bay. Enjoy the shade!

Enjoy the shade with our shade cloths and gazebos

Find coolness after an afternoon in the sun with our parasols and shade cloths! Our gazebos and canopies provide shelter for parties and dinners. You'll be ready for summer with IKEA sun blinds.

Keep it cool during summer

Looking for coolness after an afternoon of tanning is easy with our parasols! Make it comfortable with our lounge sets or sun loungers and enjoy the warm months. You're all set for summer with IKEA sun blinds.

Gazebo: always festive

A cool breeze blows in under the flaps and the sun is kept at bay. Under a gazebo you'll be sitting pretty on a hot day. And in the evening you'll be nicely sheltered sitting on your outdoor furniture, especially if you close the side curtains. The material provides excellent protection against UV rays and is easy to remove from the frame. Our gazebos are easy to assemble and last for years. The material is machine washable.

Parasol: turns with the sun

The parasol has been around for centuries. Usually light and easy to take along to the park or the beach. At home you can put it up on your balcony, or in a parasol base in the garden. It's also a perfect in addition to an outdoor table and provides extra protection. IKEA has parasols in all shapes and sizes: round, rectangular, free hanging or standing in a base. We even have a parasol that you can lay flat against the wall or balcony railings. 

Shade screen: folding canopies

Our wind and shade canopies can be easily attached using the supplied brackets and 15-metre cord. There are also 3 springs that are placed between the strings, where most of the tension is. This prevents the wind from blowing the canopy away. There is a triangular and a rectangular version of the canopy.