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Two seat sofas

Give yourself and your loved ones room to get comfy with a two seater fabric sofa. You’ll find a lot of colours, styles and materials to choose from here, and most of our fabric sofas have removable covers so you can throw them in the wash whenever there’s a spill.

Find leather & coated fabric two seat sofas here.

Why choose a 2 seater sofa?

If you’re looking for cosiness and comfort, 2 seater sofas are made for you. They work especially well in smaller homes, because they can fit in almost any sized living room. Even in larger rooms, a 2 seater sofa will help free up floor space for chairs, tables or just some more roominess. They create a perfect spot for relaxing, studying, eating, watching TV or spending time with a partner.

2 seater sofas are cosy and comfortable

Because they’re smaller and more intimate, 2 seater sofas are the perfect spot for cosying up after a long day. They’re great for partners who want to spend some quality time together. But they’re also ideal for sitting or reclining by yourself and enjoying TV or a meal. And when paired with a chair or two, they can create the perfect spot to entertain friends or bond with your family.

2 seater sofas work well in small rooms

If space is at a premium, a 2 seater sofa is your best option. Its compact size means it can fit into almost any living room, freeing up more of that precious floor space. 2 seater sofas offer the same amount of comfort and versatility as larger sofas, but they don’t dominate a room or take away from other decor.

2 seater sofas are perfect for couples

When you buy a sofa, you have to think about who will be using it. While a 2 seater sofa might not be ideal for a family of six, it’s perfect for couples and smaller families. They work especially well for urban professionals in an apartment, where space is more limited and furniture needs to be practical and cosy. A 2 seater sofa is perfect for cuddling with your partner or sitting alone and enjoying a quiet evening.

An IKEA 2 seater sofa comes in many colours and shapes

The IKEA range lets you find the exact kind of 2 seater sofa that works for you. Explore green sofas, red sofas, turquoise sofas, orange sofas, as well as all the classics like black, white and grey. You can also find 2 seaters in a variety of shapes like modular sofas, L shape sofas, corner sofas and more.

How big is a 2 seater sofa?

Many of these 2 seater sofas are about 180 cm long, but you can also find longer and shorter sofas to match your needs. In general, a 2 seater sofa is small and meant to accommodate more intimate groups and fit into smaller spaces. If you’re looking for a larger sofa for a big family or lots of guests, consider a 3 seater sofa or 4 seater sofa. And if you really want to go wild, you can even browse 5 seater sofas and 6 seater sofas.

Where should you put a 2 seater sofa?

When it comes to sofas, people usually tend to imagine them in a living room. But with 2 seater sofas, there’s no need to limit yourself to one specific kind of space. These sofas are compact enough to fit easily into dining rooms, home offices and even bedrooms – anywhere you want a little comfort and a feeling of relaxation. Wherever you place them, they often work best in a corner or oriented at an angle to free up some space around them. And because they’re smaller and lighter, they’re much easier to move and rearrange whenever you like.