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Corner sofas

Even if your space is limited, everyone can find a cosy spot together on a fabric corner sofa. We have different colours and styles, plus features like memory foam and armrests with extra padding. Most covers are machine-washable and can be removed, so you can easily change up your style.

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You’re going to LUV our L-, U- and V-shaped sofas! A cosy corner sofa offers a great place to hang out, be sociable or relax. The corner-based design also offers plenty of sitting area even in smaller spaces. 

Corner sofas allow multiple people to comfortably hang out by creating a social area in your room. They also have a uniquely comfortable advantage to regular sofas – the corner seat! The perfect spot to cuddle up with some hot tea and a good book, or to unwind in front of your favourite show. 

So, whether entertaining Saturday guests, or snoozing the lazy Sunday after, your corner sofa will have your back. 

How to choose the right corner sofa

A sofa is a big piece of furniture where you’re likely to spend a significant amount of your time at home. So, choosing the right one requires some thought. 

Here are a few tips to help you get the right corner sofa for you home. 

Corner sofa for a small room

The first thing to consider is the room where you want your sofa. For a guest room, bedroom or smaller living room, you’ll want to make the best use of your space. In this case, a smaller, two seat sofa or three seat sofa will most likely do the trick. Consider the L-shaped variety with a chaise lounge to get the most out of your corner space.

Remember to always measure the space where you want the sofa to go. Also, make sure to note if you need a left-hand facing or right-hand facing sofa. 

Corner sofa for a large living room

If you want a sofa for a larger room, you have a lot more options. If you like to entertain guests in your living room, consider a five-seat or six-seat U-shaped sofa. This way, you’ll have plenty of space for everyone, and the rounded layout makes socializing the central point of your living room. 

Also, remember that despite its name, a corner sofa doesn’t necessarily have to go in the corner. It can also be a great room divider. With a five-seat or six-seat V-shaped sofa, you can section off the living room area from the rest of your home. This way, you can still enjoy the space and airiness of an open floor plan while having clear boundaries in the layout. 

Choosing cover material and colour

Once you’ve got the size and shape selected, you need to consider style. And each of our corner sofas come with multiple options for cover fabrics and colours, offering plenty of choice.  

In a household with children and pets, sofas tend to attract all manner of stains. In this case, you probably want to consider covers that are removeable and machine washable. It also helps to choose darker colours, which will hide any discoloration and make your sofa stay fresh and beautiful for longer.  

If you want your sofa to make a statement, we also offer plenty of bold colours that encourage a creative décor. Brash reds or soft pinks can really make your room pop. However, you can also select a more modest brown or grey. These colours tend to go with everything, which allows you to easily switch up your interior design without the colours clashing. 

Whether you’re looking for an indulgent or modest, classic or contemporary corner sofa, we hope you’ll find one to your liking in our range. Make sure to also check out our leather corner sofas or modular fabric sofas.