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Children's chests of drawers

With storage that’s their size, it’s easier for kids to learn to be tidy and organised. That’s why we make our children’s chest of drawers at a height kids can reach on their own. The rounded handles are designed for tiny hands, too. But our kid’s drawers are just as roomy as grown-up ones.

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As the kids grow, you will have extra bits of everything (clothes, soft toys and accessories). It gets difficult to organise all the extra pieces of regular clothes or beautiful accessories. And adding an extra wardrobe in the room is not an ideal solution. Yeah, we hear you - a chest of drawers is all you need. They are durable, the perfect size and lovely colours (to match the bedroom colour theme)

How to save space with a chest of drawers?

The trick is to fold the clothes vertically can save you a lot of space and will let your child see what they have in the drawers. And no more crying or messing with the drawer to find the lucky jumper (huh! a happy parent!)

Makes it easier to organise the accessories:

Adding lovely jewellery trays or organiser boxes into the kid’s dresser drawers will let the little jewellery or hair bands and tiaras stay in place.

Table for Mr Octopus (night lamp)

Why not place the children’s night lamp? Children’s night light will be your pretty accessory on the dresser and your little helper during the night.