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5 steps to buying an IKEA kitchen

IKEA kitchens are designed so that you can install them yourself. Follow this simple five step process, from planning to installation, to make sure you get the kitchen of your dreams. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to talk to our kitchen experts at your local IKEA store or visit us at

1. Find your style

Time to dream a little and browse through ideas. Think about your needs and consider what makes up your ideal kitchen.

See all kitchen fronts
See all kitchen fronts

2. Measure

The first step towards your dream kitchen! This video demonstrates how to measure your existing space so you can create your own kitchen plan.

    Mark the positions of water and power connections on your plan as well as anything that sticks out into the room such as radiators or pipes.

    You can find lots of tips on how to measure correctly here in our Kitchen Installation Guide - Available in the following languages:

    German | French | Italian

    3. Plan

    The video shows you how to get the best out of your room. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of typical kitchen layouts and the design mistakes you should avoid.

      Self planning

      Plan your kitchen at home with our kitchen planning tool at your PC or Laptop

      Planning Service

      Meet our kitchen specialists online or in the store, get advice, and take advantage of a free kitchen planning service.

      4. Order

      When you’re satisfied with your planning, visit your local IKEA store and talk to our kitchen experts. They will go over your kitchen plan with you and help you with anything you ́re not sure about. When you are ready you can order, and we can help with delivery.

      5. Install

      The final step! You will soon be able to enjoy your new kitchen. This video demonstrates how to install it.

        Install yourself

        With our assembly instructions, you can assemble your kitchen yourself. Download our Kitchen Installation Guide (PDF) for a detailed written guide to installing your kitchen. Available in the following languages:

        German | French | Italian

        Installation service

        If you don't want to install your kitchen yourself, we have the professionals who will get it all done for you. Our service partners will do all the hard work for you, assembling and installing all your kitchen furniture and interior organisers.