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A better world starts at home

    The planet is the only home we have. We want to demonstrate that at IKEA, sustainability and affordability go hand in hand & make great solutions accessible for the many.

    We want to enable and inspire you to live a more healthy and sustainable life within the limits of the planet and believe that action speaks louder than words. To spark real change, we believe a positive, proactive and collaborative approach can turn climate challenges into scalable solutions. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. And together we will solve this.

    Ideas how to live more sustainable

    Better sleep

    Better sleep, better life

    Sleeping is great! Sufficient sleep is essential for human development and health. We spend about one third of our life asleep and that is good: Because good sleep makes us more beautiful, more intelligent and happier; we can work better, memory and concentration increase.

    To have a great work-life-sleep balance is to sustain in the long run.

      Healthy food for a better life

      Did you know that by switching to a vegetarian diet, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your diet by almost 25%. If you go vegan, this can be as high as 40%.

      Plant-based food is good for your health and tends to contain less calories and fat than animal-based products. A plant-based diet also supplies your body with valuable vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres.

      Recycling and minimising waste

      Waste is only waste if we make it so

      The starting point for a world with less waste is to prevent waste by simple everyday actions. This could mean bringing your own bags for food and vegetables when shopping, plan meals ahead and consider banning single use items in your life. When waste is unavoidable, we need to treat it with respect. At IKEA we have lots of different pre-designed solutions that will help you simplify waste sorting and keep everything in order. This way, we can all go a little further in preserving our Earth’s resources.

      Materials at one with nature

      Materials at one with nature

      Have you already discovered the joy of sleeping in a cocoon of purely natural materials? If you want to feel a sense of ease and satisfaction in your home, you don’t need to upend everything. Why not start by getting you and your loved ones a selection of textiles made from natural fibres or sustainably cultivated cotton?

      Clean energy for every day and night

      Clean energy for every day and night

      Want to generate your own electricity? Well, what are you waiting for? It’s already possible for you to use the cleanest and most sustainable type of energy right now by fitting a solar installation on your roof. It goes without saying that our tips for making the most of your energy consumption don’t stop there.

      Fair zum Menschen, fair zur Natur – besser für alle

      Fair on people, fair on nature – better for everyone

      Want to know how simple table accessories can enhance the lives of many people and bring about positive change? With our fair trade products, it couldn’t be easier. We’ll show you how you can take on a little more social and environmental responsibility each and every day.

      6 useful questions for everyday life

      • Do I really need this?
      • What can I do to make my things live longer?
      • Is the product I need available in a sustainable material?
      • How can I be smart with food leftovers?
      • How can I make my voice heard on climate change? Could I share my actions with friends, take part in demonstrations?
      • How do I take next step towards powering my home with Clean Energy?

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