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IKEA Family Credit Card

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The fully fledged credit card for IKEA Family members: it’s free, has an attractive benefits programme and can be used anywhere in the world.

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After clicking on the button "Apply now" you will be redirected to our partner CEMBRA. The IKEA Family credit card is issued byCembra Money Bank AG, Zurich.

IKEA Family Credit Card

Your advantages with the free IKEA Family Credit Card

Annual fees really not your thing?

Ours neither. Your IKEA Family credit card is free. So are any additional cards, which you can request forthe people you live with.

Earn points and enjoy the rewards  

As an IKEA Family member, you earn points for every purchase. IKEA Family credit card users collect one IKEA point for every Swiss franc spent using the card – wherever you are in the world. At the end of each quarter, you can look forward to receiving an IKEA gift card.

You earn one IKEA point per Swiss franc spent through transactions outside of IKEA Switzerland. An IKEA gift card for CHF 5.00 is issued for every 500 IKEA points earned.

Ready when you are

On your marks, get set, go! Apply for your IKEA Family credit card on your next visit to your IKEA store. Once you’ve passed a credit check, you’ll be all set to make pur-chases for your living space quickly and easily through cashless payments.

Paying in instalments

Stay flexible! With the handy option to pay in instalments*, pay only 7,95% APR when you shop at IKEA (11,95% APR on purchases made elsewhere).


Not yet an IKEA Family Club member? Then sign up now for free:

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  • *When paying in instalments, the APR is 7,95% on payments made to IKEA Switzerland and 11,95% on all other transactions. The minimum monthly repayment is 3% of the total payable amount, or a minimum of CHF 50.00 per month. Example payment calculation: The rate of repayment for a purchase amount of CHF 1,350.00, paid in instalments, would be CHF 74.35 per month for 20 months. This takes into account interest of CHF 137.00 (calculated at a rate of 11,95% APR), and the total amount payable would be CHF 1,487.00. Credit may not be granted if doing so would lead to the overindebtedness of the consumer (Art. 3 of the Swiss Federal Act on Unfair Competition).

further advantages:

Go cashless wherever you are

Globetrotters get their money's worth! Whether for purchases or cash withdrawals - as a fully-fledged credit card, you can use your Ikea Family Credit Card at around 43 million Mastercard locations worldwide.

To our environment, with love

Spending money sustainably - sounds strange? But you can with your IKEA Family Credit Card. Because it's the only credit card made from 100% recycled material.

IKEA Family Credit Card - what to expect:

  • MyDesign - Design your own totally unique credit card online.
  • Mobile Payment - Pay quickly and easily using your smartphone or smartwatch.
  • World card - Attractive supplementary insurance (find out more at and special benefits in Mastercard Priceless® Cities. For more information, visit
  • Cash withdrawals - Withdraw money at any cashpointat home or abroad.
  • eService - Access your credit card account online for free, whenever you need to.
  • Everything at a glance - Keep track of things with your detailed monthly statements.

Make sure you get all the advantages

Apply for your IKEA Family credit card here:

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After clicking on the button "Apply now" you will be redirected to our partner CEMBRA. The IKEA Family credit card is issued by Cembra Money Bank AG, Zurich.

Already have an IKEA FAMILY credit card?

Emergency help

You have lost your card and would like to have it blocked?

CEMBRA e-Service

Here you get access to the following services:

  • Quick access to your credit card details
  • Change your personal data
  • Overview of your card activities

Supplementary card

Apply for an supplementary card for one person in the same household.

Special offers

Priceless Cities® programme exclusively for Mastercard cardholders - unforgettable experiences in your city and the cities you travel to.