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Salone Del Mobile Milan 2022: Trends to follow

The Salone del Mobile in Milan is the most important furniture show in the design world. Instead of taking place in April as usual, this year the Milan Furniture Fair was held in June. The 60th edition was dedicated to the topic of sustainability. We took a look around for you and tracked down the trends that set the tone at the "Salone" this year. What particularly caught our eye? Many of the design trends can be easily implemented in your own four walls. We show you ideas and inspirations of the most beautiful design trends. Let yourself be inspired!

White is not just white

There are things that we simply associate with relaxation, which is why they already provide feel-good moments when we integrate them into our home. Warm and calm colours are one such thing and could be seen everywhere at the fair. Light shades from white to beige, from beige to greige, for example, evoke a feeling of calm and comfort in most people. Armchairs, sofas, carpets, lamps or home accessories in a soft shade of beige have a cosy effect and in no time at all create a place where we can relax from everyday life and feel at ease. At the same time, white and all shades of it fit into all rooms of the house and can be easily combined with different materials and bright colour accents.

Organic shapes

What could be more beautiful than having a home in which we feel well cared for and can relax from everyday life? This principle is also followed by the designers, who were inspired by the shapes of nature for their armchairs, lamps, carpets and decorative objects. By the way, organic shapes do not only look beautiful, they also create a relaxed environment and therefore fit well into the living room or creative corners like the home office. We think it's time to bring nature home.

    Naturalness proves itself

    Nature is good for us and promotes our well-being and health. Natural, near-natural materials and organic designs bring a piece of quality of life into your four walls. Very close to the beauty of nature, wood, stone, marble and natural textiles are used for furniture, accessories and decorative objects. The natural and imperfect texture of these materials lend depth and visual freshness to the rooms. Materials such as natural wood, jute, linen, bamboo, rattan, willow, grasses or Viennese wicker are proven favourites and are also convincing this season. The trend pieces bring a lot of warmth even to minimalist interiors. The rule is: the more natural, the better!

    Ribbed structure

    In addition to organic shapes, another design novelty is making its way into our homes this year: fluted or slatted surfaces. No matter what you want to call them: the elongated grooves look noble, discreet and yet very extravagant. There are hardly any limits: whether aligned in clear lines, arranged as vertical lines or as crossbars, this year the striped structure adorns all kinds of materials such as wood, glass or metal and designs from wall panels to furniture. However, it is not only the materials that are eye-catching, but above all their main feature: the ribbed surface. The design trend is particularly beautiful to look at when it is implemented tone-in-tone and placed as an eye-catcher in the room.

      Splash of colour: blue with a touch of terracotta

      When it comes to colours, this year the design world is going for accents that go beyond earth tones, white and shades of grey. One colour in particular is causing us joy: blue. It is a blue, rich and calming, like the night sky just before dawn. Not only does it make for a classy touch in the bedroom or kitchen, but it also comes into its own when combined with natural materials such as wood, Viennese wickerwork or colours of nature. Another colour highlight: terracotta with a delicate touch of pink. Because just as plants look great in clay pots, the pink terracotta tone harmonises beautifully with natural materials and brighter colours such as trendy blue. And it puts you in a good mood in the morning.

        Soft, softer, velvet

        Nobly shimmering and cosy at the same time: velvet is once again the living trend par excellence this year. It's more than just a fluffy, luxurious-looking fabric: it's also about "cocooning" - creating a cosy oasis at home as a retreat from everyday life. Velvety-soft materials in strong colours like dark blue, emerald green or light yellow are just the thing to create a relaxed atmosphere. Combined with modern design, velvet creates an interesting and pleasant ambience at the same time. It's best to choose a single product with a large surface area, such as a sofa or an armchair. If you don't want to completely redesign your home by putting your furniture in velvet's hands, decorative cushions are a proven accessory to bring the velvet trend into your home.

          The new black

          This year we are reflecting on what has always worked. To well thought-out things that always work. Here, the furniture designers seem to have borrowed a lot from fashion. Let's think of the little black dress, for example. Particularly dark woods, black lacquer finishes, especially in the matt version, are in vogue in the design world. But here, too, black is not just black. Matt black, for example, looks much softer and more velvety in a kitchen than glossy black. Accents of wood or gold give black a warm or extravagant touch. And best of all: black fits into any interior, is timeless, elegant and can be combined in just as many different ways as individually. Just like in fashion. So why not in our four walls too?

            Mirror, mirror on the wall

            Like fashion, interior design is constantly evolving and changing. One place where things have changed shape is not on the floor or ceiling, as expected, but on the wall. Deformed mirrors, reflective surfaces and mirrors at every corner are another design trend. Tiles become mirrors, mirrors change their shape and are used to make small rooms seem bigger or to bring light into a dark hallway. Whether round, octagonal, oval or rectangular, with applied accents or high-gloss lacquers: mirrors are all-rounders for every room and, in their diversity, are real collector's items for design lovers.

              Bouclé: Fluffy textures and cosy materials

              It had almost fallen into oblivion. Now bouclé is making its way back into our favourite rooms and embracing sofas, armchairs and more. And rightly so, we think, because the cosy fabric with its typical feel lends a feeling of warmth and security. After all, that is always welcome in one's own home. Whether armchairs, sofas, carpets or stools: the trend comes in classic off-white or plain, light shades. The burls give the fabric its typical texture and create a pattern that suits all styles of living, and especially well in the bedroom or living room. If you go for natural materials and light textiles, you may even have found your new dream home with this trend.

                A living room with round dining table, sofa, wooden and bamboo side furniture, bright curtains and green plants

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