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IKEA return policy

On this page you will find full details of the IKEA right to return goods, which applies to all sales channels.

At IKEA, we understand that sometimes you change your mind. You find something you thought would be perfect for your home, office or garden... only to have to change your mind once you see the result. It is very easy to return an IKEA product, regardless of where you bought it. You can return any product, from chairs to plants, in one of our stores or through another channel.


365-day IKEA return policy | Return policy for mattresses

Returning unopened IKEA products

You can return any unopened IKEA product within 365 days and receive a full refund of the purchase price. There’s no need to hurry, and no complicated terms and conditions. It’s best to bring your proof of purchase – but if you can’t find it, we’ll help you locate your digital receipt. 

Returning opened IKEA products

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to test every product. That’s why we take back opened products within 365 days – even if they’ve been assembled. Simply show us your proof of purchase for a full refund. 

IKEA products that cannot be returned

Products are excluded from our IKEA return policy only if they are dirty, damaged, incomplete or have been adapted. IKEA services (delivery, assembly, etc.) are excluded from this return policy. In such cases, the relevant terms and conditions shall apply.

Please note: the IKEA return conditions

  • To ensure the process goes smoothly, please bring your proof of purchase with you. If the product is in good condition, we will refund you the full purchase price via the payment method used at the time of purchase.
  • If you can’t find your receipt or are returning a product from one of the following categories, we’ll refund you the full purchase price in the form of an IKEA refund card. (This can be redeemed at any IKEA store, at a Plan and order point or at
    • Custom-made products (worktops, wall panels)
    • IKEA products from the Swedish Food Market
    • Fabrics (sold by the metre)
    • Plants
    • Products from the Second Chance Market
    • Mattresses


  • Did you buy your product more than 365 days ago? We offer IKEA furniture a second chance – simply sell your old furniture back to us: Secondhand service
  • If your product is damaged, you can submit a claim here: Contact us
  • To show our commitment when it comes to extending the life of our products, we offer IKEA spare parts and screws  Order spare parts and screws online
  • For IKEA Family members, we provide 14-day ‘Oops’ transport and assembly assurance just in case something gets broken during transportation or assembly. More on IKEA Family benefits

Return policy for mattresses: a good night’s sleep, or we’ll exchange it.

We know that it takes more than 10 minutes to find the right mattress. Your body needs around four to six weeks to get used to a new mattress. That’s why, at IKEA, we let you try out a new mattress for 90 days. This means that, after having slept on your mattress for a while, you can return or exchange it if you find it too hard or too soft.

How to exchange your IKEA mattress

Simply bring your mattress to any IKEA store together with your receipt, and we’ll help you find a new one. If you want to have your mattress delivered to IKEA, we’ll help you book a reliable delivery service. 

Please note: the return conditions for mattresses:

  • You can exchange your mattress within 90 days
  • Soiled, stained or damaged mattresses are excluded from our IKEA return policy. Always use a mattress protector to extend the life of your mattress and protect it.
  • This policy does not apply to mattress pads/toppers.
  • New mattresses often feel a little too hard, so it’s important to spend a month getting used to your mattress and to choose a pillow that’s right for you. 
  • If your mattress exchange is an upgrade, you only pay the difference in price between the original and the replacement.
  • If the price of the replacement mattress is lower, we will re-credit you with the difference on an IKEA refund card. 

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