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Troubleshooting: Steering devices

I can’t get two steering devices to control the same group of lights at the same time.

  • You can control an existing group of light bulbs by just one steering device.

I don’t have the Gateway or TRÅDFRI App. What will happen if I add a second steering device to a light source?

  • The first steering device will unpair, or become disconnected, from the light source.

What should I do if my steering device (remote control, wireless dimmer or motion sensor) is not responding?

  • Check that your battery still has power and that it’s inserted in the steering device correctly, with the IKEA logo (plus sign) facing upwards. The steering device must be paired to your light source. If you purchased a dimming kit white spectrum, dimming kit or motion sensor kit, your steering device and light bulb are already connected. If you purchased a separate light source, you need to pair them following the steps in: Getting started: Add bulbs, doors and panels

I’m having trouble adding a light source to my steering device (remote control, wireless dimmer or motion sensor). What should I do?

I have a red light blinking on my wireless dimmer/remote control/motion sensor when I push a button.

  • The battery is low and needs to be replaced.

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