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Light steering

Using the TRÅDFRI remote control and wireless dimmer

When you’re using the remote control, you control the brightness by clicking on the sun symbol. To change colour, you click the left/right arrow. When you’re using the wireless dimmer, you simply rotate the dimmer to control the brightness.

Since the wireless dimmer only controls brightness, you need a remote control or the TRÅDFRI App and Gateway to adjust colour temperature.

Using the TRÅDFRI motion sensor

If you want to change the colour/brightness for a bulb connected to the motion sensor, you need the TRÅDFRI App and Gateway. When the motion sensor is activated, the bulb will turn ON to whatever settings were created in the TRÅDFRI App.

Using the TRÅDFRI App

You can adjust brightness and colour for groups of lights or individual lights directly in the TRÅDFRI App. To adjust the brightness, move the slider to the right. To adjust colour temperature move the slider to the top of the screen, increasing the percentage of warm light.

Voice control

You can also control your IKEA Smart Home products with your voice. Voice control works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

Related topics:

  • Learn about the three colour temperatures

    The TRÅDFRI light bulb has 3 different white colours – warm white (2700 K), warm glow (2200 K) and cool white (4000 K).

  • Learn about controlling individual light sources

    You can control individual light sources with the TRÅDFRI App. If you don’t have the TRÅDFRI App, you will need a separate steering device for each light source.

  • Learn about light groups

    A light group is two or more bulbs controlled by the same steering device. You can group your light bulbs in the TRÅDFRI App (connected to a TRÅDFRI gateway). You can also create a group of light bulbs (up to 10) that belong to one steering device (remote control, wireless dimmer and motion sensor).

  • Learn about saved settings

    Yes. If a light is dimmed while set to a certain colour temperature, it will remember that brightness setting when changed to the next colour.

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