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IKEA Place App

Try before you buy. New IKEA Place app makes home furnishing easier.

    A better reality

    It’s the kind of embarrassing decorating mishap most of us have faced at some time. You choose a beautiful sofa or dining table and excitedly take it home, only to find it doesn’t match the rest of the room. Or it doesn’t quite fit the space you had in mind.

    Now that kind of headache is fast becoming a thing of the past, thanks to augmented-reality (AR) technology and some serious IKEA know-how. Launched in the autumn of 2017, the IKEA Place app lets customers see exactly how more than 2,000 furniture items would look – and fit – in their homes.

    Accurate down to the millimetre

    Michael Valdsgaard explains IKEA Place makes use of Apple’s ARKit augmented reality platform and takes the experience to a whole new level. The app is easier to use and places photorealistic furniture items in the frame at the touch of the screen. Furniture is correctly sized down to the millimetre and you can walk right up and get a close up look at fabrics and colours. Of the 2200 items that can be tried for size, most are larger items found in the living room, such sofas and coffee and dining tables.

    Download the app via Google Play (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS) for free.

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