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Children's desks

Let your child's imagination grow. Our children's desks are designed to help organise your kid's space and keep their room clutter-free by creating a designated play area, or by simply giving them a place to draw, study and play. Have fun exploring our range of sizes, shapes, materials and colours!

When kids reach a certain age, they will start needing a dedicated space for creativity and focus. That’s where children’s desks come in. It’s the optimal piece of furniture, creating a private area for both fun and focus. It acts as a safe haven for play, and then shifts to a place of concentration for serious schoolwork.

In other words, a desk that fits the needs of your child is essential. That’s why we have a large selection of different desk solutions, so you can make sure to encourage all of your kid’s interests and passions. And there are lots of styles and materials to choose from too.

Children’s desks for focus and studies

Getting your kid to do their homework might feel like trying to move a mountain. A helpful step in the right direction can be to create a study-friendly area. Here you can encourage your child and help lay the foundation for good studying habits.

For optimal focus and minimal distraction, here are a few tips. Organize your child's desk with items that are only needed daily. If the essentials are within arm's reach, your child won't have to interrupt studying to go and get something. Stash pens, scissors, rulers, and erasers in a pen stand, so no rummaging through messy drawers are required.

Limit decorations to a maximum of three. Otherwise there's a risk that fantasy and daydreaming will outwit focus. Consider a left-to-right workflow, as that is the most usual one. Or experiment with arrangements until you find the perfect one for your child.

And don’t forget the importance of a proper children’s desk chair. If your kid is going to spend hours poring over books, the seating needs to be comfortable and kind on the body.

Kids desks where fun and fantasy are at the centre

Just as we adults need to do things we love to refill our energy, so do our children. Make sure to help meet that need by arranging a place to relax and have fun. With a desk as the foundation, the only limit is imagination.

Invest in tools, colours and comfort to help your child express creativity. It can be children’s books, colourful crayons to paint, and a place above the desk to put up their drawings. Or it might be a computer or touch pad for playing games, which can stimulate learning, improve problem-solving skills and increase the ability to process information.

If you’d like to use the desk for both work and play here’s a tip: create an arts and crafts box! Using clever children’s storage or a fun toy box for paints and crafting materials, you can easily bring it out when inspiration strikes. And once another masterpiece is done, you can stow the box away to keep the desk looking neat.