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Tips and ideas to make your wedding day uniquely you

Invites, favors, flowers and decorations. The list seems endless when you're planning life changing moments. And getting ready to tie the knot is one of the most memorable. A few simple DIY tips can help take the pressure off the big day, and make this special time a little more unique for your friends, family and of course, you.

Wedding flowers that you don't need to worry about

A wreath of artificial flowers hung over a haystack with pillows and blankets on it
SMYCKA flowers tied on the side of a wooden chair

Bouquets, button holes and decorations can feel like a lot to do, but with artificial flowers and greenery you can start ahead of time.

Online tutorials can help get you going, remember, practice makes perfect. Taking a photo of your final designs means you can enlist your friends to help out, simply copy and repeat.

Artificial flowers keep on giving, they last forever so make great gifts and mementos of your day, or reuse them for birthdays and anniversaries.

Make sure you save room for cake!

A women holding the ANLEDNING bamboo mingle plate with a champagne glass and mini quiche
A cake with flowers on a beige tablecloth next to plates and cups

The wallet-friendly favors, ideal for any size party

A KORKEN jar filled with bath salt
EDSBRUK frame positioned on the floor with pressed leafs

When making your own unique favors, play to your strengths, if you love making jam then a little pot with a personal tag, or if you're a fan of photography, perhaps a little framed picture.

Keep it simple and personal your guest will love them.

Multiple wedding invitations on a table

Wedding gifts you wish for

Create a personalised wish list and have your wedding guests fulfil all your interior design dreams. 

Learn more

How to personalise your party

Just by adding a few special touches, you can make any occasion one to be remembered, for you, and for your guests.

BERÄKNA vase with traditional flowers

Tips for an inviting table and a showstopping centerpiece

A wedding table with a large centerpeice of eucalyptus leaves
Flowers wrapped around STORHET champagne glases

Working with a theme for your wedding, is a great way to come up with ideas for your centrepiece, complementing the table wear to help tell a story, bringing a sense of personality to each table.
If you want to go big then do it, just factor in your guest being able to talk across the table and around your centrepieces.

Two DYRGRIP wine glasses lying in a paper box with lots of paper wrapping and coloured string giving an elegant impression.

Gift ideas

Don't know what to buy? Take a look at some special presents that carry a message both you and the planet can feel good about.

Gift ideas

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