Kitchen knowledge

SEKTION kitchen system

The SEKTION kitchen system can be combined in thousands of ways, making it possible for you to design your dream kitchen exactly as you want it.


SEKTION frames are made of ¾” thick particle board covered with melamine making them sturdy and durable. Both frames and shelves are coated with soft polypropylene plastic resulting in impact, wear and moisture resistant surfaces. This is why we provide you with a free 25 year warranty.

We have a huge selection of cabinets to choose from, including cabinets designed to hold appliances. You can combine them in any way you like, so you’re able to create a kitchen that works perfectly for you and all your storage needs. Shop our cabinets.

An IKEA kitchen with white base cabinets


As the years go by we tend to fill our kitchen more and more with dishes, glasses and household appliances. Therefore our shelves have been tested by storing 55 pounds on a shelf for a week for a 15” deep shelf and 80 pounds on a 24” deep shelf. Shop our shelves.

White IKEA cabinet shelves

Door and Drawer Fronts

It is important that fronts can handle a life filled with damp cloths, sticky fingers and dirt. Therefore we tested our fronts by spraying them with grease, coffee and alcohol. In addition, we subject them to steam and water up to 85°. We approve only those surfaces that do not have any kind of marks or defects. The fronts should not just be durable, they also need to look good and fit your taste. You can choose from more than 26 different fronts at IKEA in both modern and traditional styles. Shop all fronts.

Hinges and door dampers

A kitchen door is opened and closed several times in a day. At IKEA, we made sure that your doors will never slam making them close softly and silently every time. Shop our hinges and door dampers.


The drawers in your kitchen should withstand a lot. We have designed our drawers so that they continue to run silently and smoothly as the years go by. Most of our drawers can handle a weight of up to 55 pounds. Shop our drawers.

White IKEA kitchen cabinet drawers pulled open


The MAXIMERA drawers pull out all the way with a feather-light glide, thanks to a built in damper that allows them to close softly and effortlessly. These drawers also come with a free 25 year warranty.


The FORVARA drawers pull out to ¾ of their depth (but still fit just as much as the MAXIMERA drawers). FORVARA drawers are only compatible with STOTJA trays. FORVARA are not compatible with dampers. These drawers also come with a free 10 year warranty.

A white kitchen drawer

Interior drawers

You can fit lots of small drawers behind bigger fronts like these. That way, you get plenty of storage space for little things while keeping the look you like on the outside. Shop our interior drawers.

Interior Organizers

Beauty is about what's on the inside too. That's why we offer a variety of drawer organizing options for you to customize your kitchen storage and make the most of your space. Shop our interior organizers.


At IKEA you can choose from a pre-cut countertop or a custom one. Our pre-cut countertops are available in laminate and wood. Our custom countertops are available in laminate and quartz. Laminate countertops are durable and easy to maintain. Wood is durable, can be sanded and treated as needed. Quartz countertops are one of the hardest materials in nature making them extremely durable and easy to maintain. Shop our countertops.

When we test our countertops we put them up against everything they’ll face in your kitchen: liquids, oil, steam, heat, thumps, bumps and scratches. Once we’re done we’re so sure our countertops will last, we warranty it. 25 year warranty (except LILLTRÄSK and PERSONLIG)


At IKEA our range includes both single and double bowls sinks. With a variety of sinks you can easily find one that matches your needs and the style you want to create in your kitchen. Shop our sinks.

We rigorously test our sinks to ensure they can withstand the demands of everyday life in the kitchen. That's why our sinks come with a 25-year warranty.


Everyday life at home puts high demands on kitchen faucets. To ensure all our kitchen faucets comply with our strict standards for quality and durability they are all carefully tested and approved by an independent institute. Shop our faucets.

A large stainless steel kitchen faucet


Your kitchen is only completed when you have selected appliances. IKEA designer appliances that make your life easier and help you to cook in a more sustainable way. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that your appliances will last for many years. All IKEA appliances have a 5 year warranty (except TILLREDA and LAGAN).


Our freestanding ranges offer a convenient way for you to get a quality cooktop and oven combined (with all the functions too). Whether you choose an electric range with ceramic cooktop or a gas range, it'll fit perfectly between IKEA kitchen cabinets. And, you can opt for two ovens in one range—a good choice if you like to cook several dishes at once. Shop our oven ranges

A large kitchen with dark IKEA kitchen cabinets


Our ovens are built-in fitting perfectly in both base and high kitchen cabinets. You can place them exactly where you want them in your kitchen, making the most of your space and creating the perfect workflow for you. They come with a wide range of smart functions ready to help with anything from a simple snack to a gourmet meal. If you're looking for advanced cooking or convenient self-cleaning programs, we've got you covered. Quality and functions are top of mind when we design our ovens, but we think about safety too. They have quadruple-glazed doors so you can touch them at any temperature setting and a child lock for the little ones. Shop our ovens.

A white kitchen with stainless steel appliances
An IKEA cooktop

Microwave ovens

When the hustle of everyday life leaves you with the need for speed, a microwave oven is a choice in every way. Microwaves ovens are quick, energy efficient and perfect for reheating and defrosting. And with today's technology we've got models with extra cooking functions too. We also offer microwave ovens with extractor fans built-in, that you can place directly above your range or cooktop. Shop our microwave ovens.


We have a variety of cooktops to choose from, so you can find the one that suits the way you cook. Each type—gas, glass ceramic and induction—has its own unique benefits and features. So, whether you're an ambitious home chef or more of a quick and low maintenance cook, we have a cooktop that's right for you. Shop our cooktops.

Extractor hoods

Not only does an extractor hood keep the kitchen free of steam, grease and cooking smells, it’s also an important design element. Whether you're looking for a ceiling mounted extractor for over a kitchen island or a wall-mounted model, we've got you covered. Our hoods come in a range of extraction capacities, so you can be sure to get one with the right amount of muscle to keep your kitchen fresh. Shop our extractor hoods.


Using a dishwasher is more water and energy efficient than washing dishes by hand. And, with sterilizing functions, it's more hygienic too. We offer both built-in and fully integrated models, but whichever you choose you'll get a tall interior space that'll fit oversized dishware and large loads. All of our dishwashers are ENERGY STAR®. Shop our dishwashers.

A white IKEA energy efficient dishwasher

Fridges & Freezers

Smart cooling. Less waste. Efficient cooling is a cornerstone of a sustainable kitchen. The better your fridge and freezer work, the less food you will waste. Most of our refrigerators are ENERGY STAR® rated and packed with smart functions that will keep your food fresher, longer. For example: fan cooling which ensures an even and consistent temperature, fast freeze option that quickly freezes large amounts of food or ice makers which really come in handy when you're hosting a party. Choose from top mount, bottom mount, french door or side-by-side models. Shop our fridges & freezers.

A stainless steel french door NUTID refrigerator


Every detail has been thought about both inside and out, to give you the kitchen you’ve dreamed of. It is the details that help make a fantastic kitchen even better.

A small kitchen with birch kitchen cabinets

The small details, make the big difference
Whether you choose a modern or traditional style to your kitchen, you will find products that compliment the expression you want to create. Below you will find examples of these details such as dampers on drawers and doors, appliances that fit the style of you kitchen or a faucet that helps you save water.


Cover panels

SEKTION frames are white or brown wood pattern, that are able to cover panels on the sides to match your fronts. Cover panels can be used to finish off the back of your island, framing your wall cabinets and closing off the cabinets to the ceiling. Shop our cover panels.

A close up of a white kitchen cabinet
A close up of a beige kitchen cabinet
A close up of a kitchen cabinet toe kick

Deco strip

Deco strips can be used to complete the expression you want to create in your kitchen. They can be placed on top of a high cabinet or on the top and bottom of a wall cabinet. Deco strips are mostly used in a kitchen with traditional style. Shop our deco strips.

Toe kick

You can complete the look of your kitchen from top to bottom, by adding a toe kick to cover the gap between the floor and the base cabinets. You can choose the colour of your toe kick to compliment your style. Shop our toe kicks.

Knobs and Handles

Knobs and handles are an important detail in your kitchen that have a major impact on its expression. Knobs and handles are easy to replace if there is a need to freshen up your kitchen. If you do not wish to use handles you can opt for our UTRUSTA push openers for a handle less look. Shop our knobs & handles.

Wall Storage

When cabinet and drawer space is in short supply – but your kitchenware and supplies aren’t – wall storage can fill the gap. Create your own solution with rails, shelves and magnetic racks that make everything easier to grab and also make a style statement. Shop our wall storage.

Kitchen Integrated lighting

Good lighting is an essential part of any kitchen. That's why we offer two lighting series specially designed for IKEA kitchens, perfectly dimensioned to fit IKEA cabinets. Shop our kitchen integrated lighting.


This lighting series can be used on its own or fully integrated into SEKTION cabinets and drawers. The lighting strip for drawers will turn on and off automatically when you open or close your drawer. A dimming function lets you set the mood in the kitchen when using the ANSLUTA remote control.


This lighting series offers lots of flexibility. You can get a two-way socket with USB port, corner joiners and more. Use with ANSLUTA remote control for the dimming function.

Both our lighting series use long-lasting LED bulbs which consume up to 85% less energy and last 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.


At IKEA you can put together a kitchen that meets both your style and your budget. We know that the kitchen will meet your needs, have a beautiful design and will last for many years, all at a low price.

What influences the cost of the kitchen?
You decide the price of your new kitchen. The number of drawers, fronts, worktops and appliances all influence the price. At IKEA we have kitchens in all price ranges, it all depends on the size and interiors in your kitchen.

Kitchens for a real low price
One reason our prices are so low is our products are flat packed before delivery making it possible to deliver more at once. This allows us to do less trips between production and the warehouse cutting costs on delivery and is more environmentally friendly. In addition selling IKEA kitchens worldwide enables us to buy in volume saving on costs. Overall, this means that we can offer you products in good quality at low prices.

How is per linear foot calculated
Price per linear foot is calculated based on a basic 10x10 kitchen. The price includes cabinets, door fronts, interior shelving, hinges, cover panels, toe kicks, legs and a couple of drawers and drawer fronts.

The explanation of our prices
One reason our prices are so low is because our products are delivered in flat packs, which makes it possible to transport more at once. This way, we save costs on freight, while protecting the environment, as we minimize the transportation time between production and warehouse. In addition, we sell IKEA kitchens in more than 44 countries, which allows us to achieve economies of scale by producing our kitchens at a lower price. Overall, this means that we can offer you good quality products at low prices.

What includes the price?
To give you a picture of what a kitchen costs at IKEA, we have compiled some examples. There are both large and small kitchens, some modern, others in a more traditional style. These examples may help to provide a picture of what your kitchen will cost. Prices range in frame fronts, countertops, interior, hinges, side cladding, sockets, pins, drawers, knobs/handles, sinks and faucets. In addition, all price examples include our Maximera drawers that are fully extendable and have integrated dampers. Prices are excluded in kitchen appliances and lighting. 


With a kitchen from IKEA you have the opportunity to choose products that help you live a more sustainable life. It can be by using less water and energy, while saving on electricity bills. At IKEA we work actively to produce in a responsible manner that protects the environment and resources. Learn more about sustainability at IKEA.

Waste sorting

Our easy-to-clean bins are available in a variety of sizes so you can create the waste sorting solution that suits your needs. Pull-out functions can help make recycling and composting less of a chore.

Pull-out waste sorting tray

Make tossing things out and taking the bin to the curb more convenient with a pull-out tray. Shop our waste sorting.


You'll use a lot less water with our kitchen faucets. They all have a special aerator that mixes air into the flow, maintaining the pressure but reducing water use by up to 40%. Shop our faucets.


We strive to create appliances that make your everyday life easier and help you live a more sustainable life at home. Below you can read more about the sustainable benefits.


Induction cooktops are fast, precise and extremely energy efficient since the technology they use transfers heat directly into any magnetic cookware. The power booster delivers additional power to a single cooking zone. This kind of rapid intense heat is ideal for boiling water, stir frying food or searing meat. Shop our induction cooktop.


Using a dishwasher is a great way to save water. Compared to doing the dishes by hand under running water, a dishwasher will reduce your water consumption with hundreds of valuable liters every year! All our models are ENERGY STAR© certified and among the top energy performers in the market. Shop our dishwashers.

Fridges & freezers

Smart cooling. Less waste. Efficient cooling is a cornerstone of a sustainable kitchen. The better your fridge and freezer work, the less food you will waste. Most of our refrigerators are ENERGY STAR® rated and packed with smart functions that will keep your food fresher, longer. Shop our fridges & freezers.

Production and Materials

At IKEA, we want both our production and our products to be sustainable. This means that we work with sustainability and the environment in all parts of IKEA, from production to the finishes product.

In our production we work actively to reduce the consumption of water. Water is an important necessity of life and must be treated with respect. We are hoping one day to produce all of our products from renewable energy.

We also work actively with sustainability with the use of raw materials. An example of this is the foal of only using recycled wood and FSC certified wood in our products by 2020. FSC certified wood is wood that comes from sustainable forestry. Besides the recycling of wood, we are also working to recycle plastic in our products. We also want a waste-free world, and that's why we support a shift to the circular economy that turns waste into a resource for new products. Learn more about the use of energy and resources at IKEA.

Sustainable kitchen front

To us, waste is a resource, not a problem. KUNGSBACKA kitchen fronts are made of recycled wood covered with plastic foil made from recycled PET bottles. KUNGSBACKA is a great front that doesn’t use new wood, and doesn’t need new plastic made from oil. A sustainable choice without compromising on quality, design or price. 


Everything from the cabinets to the fronts and handles had been developed to give you as many options as possible. With SEKTION, you can create literally thousands of combinations, so you’re sure to be able to create a kitchens that’s really you.


A modern style kitchen has straight lines and large smooth surfaces. In a modern kitchen horizontal lines are often emphasized and there are a few simple details. In a traditional kitchen vertical line are often emphasized, the doors have beveled details. Whether modern or traditional, we have a wide selection of products that can make your dream kitchen a reality.

Meet the designer for HITTARP family

“When I designed HITTARP I wanted to create a kitchen with the feeling of traditional craftsmanship. That’s why I made not only a handsome door, but also details to match – like moulded deco strips, external plinths and cover panels with the same vertical grove pattern as the door. I wanted the kitchen to be easy to combine with other products at IKEA too, so you could create a complete and personal kitchen with warm country charm.”
Designer Ebba Strandmark, Sweden

Designer Ebba Strandmark
A small white kitchen

Meet the designer for VOXTORP family

”The idea behind VOXTORP was to design a door with clean lines and a minimalist expression. That’s why we gave the door an integrated handle with rounded edges and just deep enough for your fingers, making it easy to grip. We didn’t want any unnecessary frills, but to create a door that’s easy to open and close – and is harmonious to the eye.”
Designers Henrik Preutz and Wiebke Braasch, Sweden

Designers Henrik Preutz and Wiebke Braasch, Sweden
A VOXTORP kitchen with brown cabinets

A kitchen to hold on to for many years

All of our kitchen products are quality tested to ensure they'll stand up to years of use. So, all you have to do is decide on the style and functions that are right for you.

25 year warranty on SEKTION

Everyday life at home puts high demands ona kitchen, which is why we test our kitchens thoroughly to ensure that they can take being exposed to heavy weights, high temperatures and everyday use. We offer you a 25-year warranty that covers defects in the material and workmanship on the SEKTION kitchen system. Learn more about our warranty.

10 year warranty on faucets

Have you thought about how often you use your kitchen faucet? We have. To ensure that all our kitchen faucets comply with our strict standards for quality and durability they are all carefully tested and approved by an independent institute. You can therefore be confident that they are made of materials that live up to the demands of the market. We offer you a free 10-year warranty that covers all kitchen faucets at IKEA, against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is subject to the terms and conditions stated in this folder. Learn more about our warranty.

5 year warranty on appliances

To make planning your kitchen even easier, IKEA has developed a complete line of high quality major appliances that are designed for everyday use and to perfectly fit and match your IKEA kitchen. Whatever you choose, you can feel confident that the appliances you buy at IKEA are of the highest quality. You will receive a free 5-year limited warranty on all IKEA major appliances at no extra charge (not including LAGAN appliances). It will cover defects of the appliance that have been caused of faulty construction or material. Learn more about our warranty.