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How to choose a wardrobe

It's not just a comfy mattress that makes a calm and relaxing bedroom. A well-organized space creates peace and harmony in your bedroom and helps you sleep better. In this guide, you can explore our range of storage solutions that will have your bedroom clutter-free in no time.

Getting started

What to consider before buying a new wardrobe for your bedroom

  • How much space do you have available in your bedroom? Before buying a new wardrobe, measure how much space you have while considering any walls or fixtures that affect your available space.
  • All storage furniture, such as wardrobes or dressers must be fixed to the wall. A wall anchoring kit is included when you purchase storage furniture from IKEA Canada.

Choose our wardrobe planning service

Experienced planning specialists and IKEA design experts can help you to translate your dream wardrobe into reality. For only $19/1 hour, you can book a planning service appointment from the comfort of your home. Provide measurement of your available space and an experienced IKEA wardrobe planner will help you to create the functional and beautiful storage that suits you best, based on the measurements you provide.

Our planning service appointments are available both remotely and in-store so you can choose what works for you.

How to choose a wardrobe

Our wardrobes and armoires come in a wide choice of styles and sizes so you can decide what’s best for you, your clothes, and your space. Whether you prefer it open or with sliding doors or mirrors, we have bedroom wardrobes that will suit your style and space.

Shop wardrobes by type: Reach-in closets | Walk-in closets | Sliding door closets| Armoires | Mirrored door closets | Kids' closets

Shop wardrobes by storage system: PAX | ELVARLI | AURDAL | JONAXEL | BOAXEL

Wardrobes by type

Our wardrobes come in various styles, so you can choose what's best for you and your bedroom.

Reach-in closets

Find your dream closet in the style, colour, and size of your choice. We have both open closets and closed wardrobes, shelving units, and even storage system combinations so you can choose easily.

Walk-in closets

With open wardrobes, you can easily find your favourite clothes, shoes, and accessories. Choose from PAX, ELVARLI, or AURDAL - each storage system comes in a different style.

Sliding door closets

Wardrobes with sliding doors are ideal for small bedrooms. Unlike hinged door wadrobes, these closets don't require much space and furniture can easily be placed side by side.


Choose an armoire for practical and space-saving storage. Our armoires come in various styles, including sliding doors, mirrored, or open armoires.

Mirrored door closets

Save space you would otherwise need for a vanity table or mirror by choosing a mirrored door closet. These wardrobes provide functionality with a classic feel and space-saving storage.

Kids' closets

They may be small now, but children grow up fast. A kid's wardrobe made to keep up with these changes does wonders. With interior fittings that you can adjust as they get older and shelf units perfect for everything from clean diapers to sports trophies, our children's wardrobes will see your kids through years to come.

Wardrobes by storage systems

Imagine no clutter in your home and always being able to find your things. Sounds like a dream? You can make it a reality with our storage systems. A storage system has parts, such as frames and shelves, that go together to make combinations in different sizes and shapes. You can design your own system from scratch using our planners or choose from an existing combination.

PAX system

Due to the industry-wide impacts of COVID-19 on the supply chain we currently have a significant supply delay impacting the availability of our PAX range. While we continue working closely with our suppliers and partners to replenish stock as quickly as possible, we cannot guarantee when supply will be available.

Our PAX wardrobes are like built-in wardrobes, except you get to decide it all – the size, style, doors and interior organizers to sort your things. Shop our existing combinations or design your own using the PAX planner. Our PAX wardrobes come with a 10-year warranty.

ELVARLI system

For storing clothes and shoes, ELVARLI is a flexible and beautiful open storage system with its modern white lines and durable bamboo shelves. Its click-in function makes it easy to assemble, disassemble and rearrange.

AURDAL system

With an elegant and modern design, AURDAL is the answer to all your storage needs. This storage system is designed for the small and tricky spaces in your bedroom. With an easy assembly, you can install your AURDAL solution even in narrow reach in closets without any trouble.

JONAXEL system

Say hi to JONAXEL, an affordable, flexible, and sturdy open storage system to help make your bedroom more organized. This storage system is also perfect for in-between areas like reach-in closets and hallways.

BOAXEL system

BOAXEL is a durable wall mounted storage system that will help make your bedroom more organized. This system is perfect for smaller walk-in wardrobes as well as areas like reach-in closets and laundry rooms.

Complete your wardrobe

Keeping your accessories and clothes organized is crucial for everyday convenience, stress-free mornings and flawless wardrobe control. From clothes organizers to closet lighting and additional dressers, you can find the right products to create a well-organized wardrobe for your bedroom.

Closet organizers

Choose from clothes boxes, hangers, shoe organizers, and more to achieve a clutter-free wardrobe. Our clothes organizers also come in different materials, colours, and styles so that you can choose not only the function – but also the look of your wardrobe organization.

Closet lighting

Do you find yourself grasping in the dark while looking through your wardrobe? Often, the light source in your room doesn’t quite provide the illumination you need to see all the way into your wardrobe. Wardrobe lighting is a practical and stylish solution to that common problem.

Dressers & nightstands

For additional storage, consider our dressers which you can combine with a wardrobe to complete your bedroom storage system. You can also explore our nightstands, which keep your things organized, easy to find, and easy to access.

Our services

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