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Home essentials under $10

There is no need to break the bank to get the essentials for your home. We always put affordability first and to help you out with this we have compiled our favourite budget friendly essentials.

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Cookware & tableware | Home decor | Lighting | Bathroom | Textiles | Baby & kids | Bedroom

Cookware & tableware

An open stainless-steel oven with pans and baking dishes full of food inside.
A man wearling an apron and oven mitts holding HEMMABAK cake pan.


A bathroom with SIESJÖN towels in different sizes draped over the bath and hanging or folded on a towel rail above the bath.
A white/blue striped SIESJÖN bath towel is draped over the side of a bath onto the floor near some brushes, rings and soap.

Baby & kids

Two kids and an adult playing at a table with paints and paper crafts.
A pile of MÅLA markers amongst an assortment of gifts wrapped in hand-drawn wrapping paper.