BLANDA BLANK Serving bowl, stainless steel, 5 "
BLANDA BLANK Serving bowl, stainless steel, 5 "
BLANDA BLANK Serving bowl, stainless steel, 5 "
BLANDA BLANK Serving bowl, stainless steel, 5 "
Article Number300.814.67

Product details

The serving bowls in the BLANDA series are available in several different materials and sizes to mix and match according to your tastes and needs.Stack the smaller sizes inside the larger of the same range, to save space when not in use.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer

Anne Nilsson

  • Stainless steel
  • Check for recycling in your area.
  • BLANDA BLANKServing bowlArticle no:300.814.67
    Height: 2 ½ " (6 cm)Weight: 3 oz (0.10 kg)Diameter: 4 ¾ " (12 cm)Package(s): 1

Product size

2 " (6 cm)
5 " (12 cm)

Ratings and reviews

Great bowlVIOLETWe use this bowl inside the larger bowl to proof our pizza dough/bread dough etc5
exactly what I needed, largeAlisaexactly what I needed, large enough for big batches for home baking/cooking5
Blanda bowlSYLVIANNEBest bowls ever. Easy to clean. Practical and attractive. I keep a set up at the lake too .5
PerfectAnne D.Perfect size, perfectly usable for everything. And STABLE!5
Rusted After First UseSquanchyThis thing isn’t stainless at all, the inside has rusted after just one use. Even if it didn’t rust this bowl sucks for serving food because it isn’t stable due to the small base.1
Huge BowlJessie023Perfect salad’s huge! Didn’t realize just how big it was until I brought it home.5
Black residue (oil?) around the inside rimConcernedAboutResidueI bought this bowl in several sizes. They are beautiful bowls, however when I went to clean them, my cloth came back with a black residue on it. I have attempted to clean these bowls over and over again. I dragged a cloth around the rim, circling for 15 minutes, the residue was still coming off, pitch black. I tried a food-safe degreaser, as well as baking soda, and it's just as bad. I'm concerned that this might pose a health risk, and cannot use them.1
Small Bowl, Perfect Size & ShapeCookie7777Great shape, particularly for whipping/beating eggs, etc.5
Perfect bowl for most everything!Reno2017This is a repeat purchase because I love it so much. Great size, durable and perfect for those large salads. Looks new even after several trips in the dishwasher. Study material.5
Great bowlSL2019Love this multi functional bowl. Great for popcorn.5
Hold more than you expect.mamadushenkoThe bowl is perfect for salads and popcorn. I looks great, lightweight and cleans up really nice. so happy I bought 2 :)5
Little mixing bowlSylvianne2019I bought this for mixing small quantities of coloured icing. It is perfect as it does not retain colour like plastic material does. More perfect would be if airtight lids could be purchased.5
Love the bowl just finishing detailmct8Perfect size and light however there is imperfection in the finishing looked like the metal material is peeling off not sure is stainless, exchanged after few weeks of use.2
Sturdy and light weightDeva2019I bought this a month ago and really happy5
GummerPerfect size, multiple uses!5
Perfect serving bowlGashGreat quality and value for money5
Perfect salad bowlCs1121Simply perfect and indestructible.5
KandiiWe bought this to prepare food and it love it easy to clean.5
KG043Great shape & size for mixing5
MultiuseNickcolausI bought it for preparing bread dough for baking. It is perfect choice.5

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

"My idea with the BLANDA series was to have it contain simple, practical bowls without any unnecessary elements. That's why I chose to give them a classic design in which form and function truly go hand in hand. Since all the bowls have the same design but come in different materials and sizes, you can combine them in endless ways."

Designer Anne Nilsson

Serving bowl, stainless steel5 " (12 cm)

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BLANDA BLANK Serving bowl, stainless steel, 5 "