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The touchy-feely things that make a home

A rug here, a blind there, seat pads on the dining room chairs, big squishy cushions on the sofa. Towels to snuggle in, tablecloths you can wash or wipe down. And don't forget blankets, throws and bedding! Maybe just one more rug. Ah, that's better!

The days are getting shorter, the wind’s a little crisp, luckily the time’s perfect for cozying up your home. Come see how we love to use textiles to celebrate the season outside, make the home warmer, and more energy efficient too.
Illustration of black, white, and gray rugs loosely rolled and stacked onto each other
Dining areas needn’t be formal and static. With some fold away chairs, an adjustable table and soft, roll-up mattresses close at hand (stored on the wall) it’s easy to create a dining area to suit you.
Create a cocoon in the corner of your living room using textiles, soft lighting and calming accessories.
Get creative with a weaving project. Come check out our interior stylist's easy step-by-step guide to learn how.
A cozy balcony with lit LED light chains, a canopy, lanterns with lit candles and a sofa filled with cushions and sheepskin rugs.
Feeling crafty? Put those DIY skills and creativity to work! Floral patterns are a big deal right now, so double up with this homemade vase cover.
Living room with a couch and DIY curtains
Watch the video for some summer scrapbooking ideas for kids, by kids.
Two ways of bedroom soundproofing. One: a soundproofed curtain hung infront of the window and two: a soundproofed wall made from fabric-filled photo frames. Plus, a muted color tone of dark blues and greys helps the bedroom feel calm.
View of bedroom with DIY fabric headboard, bed with URSULA beige throw, cream and neutral EMMIE RUTA bedlinen and pillows, plus dog and stylist.
Bedroom with IKEA textiles and covers with strong colours
A picture of a bedroom furnished with natural tones on textiles and curtains to create a peacful atmoshere
Different colored and different patterned tote bags hanging from wall hooks and a hat rack.
A bedouin-style tent over a balcony. There is a person lying on the soft drinking tea with candles on the floor and table to add cosiness.
A bird’s eye view of layers of black and white rugs in different textures and with different patterns on the floor or a living room.
A living room with a blue and brown checked sofa with brown and white checked cushions on top, a blue and brown checked foot stool in front on top of a brown rug and a brown arm chair to the left side.
A collage image of colorful bathroom accessories, lighting and textiles displayed on top of square white tiles.
Double bed and sidetables. IKEA curtains, rug, lampshades and bed linen in dark colors.
Bedroom with IKEA bed, sidetables, chest of drawers all in wood.
Double bed in a large alcove with IKEA textile room divider pulled open.
View of the whole room with IKEA dressing tables, full-length mirror and open wardrobes.
 Display of a yellow cardboard box, a white work lamp, pictures in pink and grey, a yellow clock, quilt cover set in grey/yellow/orange, brown mugs and a white storage box, all from IKEA.
Bedroom with walls painted orange. IKEA wooden bedroom furniture and cow hide rug.
Room with IKEA sofa-bed made up as a bed. Room divider against the wall.
Bedroom with a blackboard wall and IKEA storage holding lots of colourful paints.
Living room with five IKEA sofas in a U-shape. Rugs, mirrors, lamps and table.
Dining room with IKEA curtains and valance
Bedroom with IKEA curtains and panel curtains
Bedroom with IKEA curtains and blackout blinds
Bedroom with IKEA curtains and fabric
Bedroom with colorful IKEA curtains and a blackout blind
Home office with IKEA patterned curtains and blinds
Hand-made panel curtains with different patterns made of IKEA fabrics
Lots of white textiles in many shades in a living room
Storage jars and bottles with DIY in metre fabrics
Quilting how-to with fabrics