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Placemats & tablemats

Life can be pretty tough for your table with hot plates, sharp knives and food spills. From bold colors to handmade items, our table mats and placemats will make every meal more fun and protect your furniture at the same time. IKEA placemats come in different shapes and sizes, like washable cotton placemats or woven bamboo table mats.

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NISSÖGA Place mat, white/dark blue, 17 ¾x13 ¾ "NISSÖGA Place mat, white/gray, 17 ¾x13 ¾ "
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Protect your dining table with stylish placemats

Spruce up your table setting while protecting your kitchen or dining room table and reducing noise from tableware and cutlery. Choose rectangular or circular table mats in a variety of colors and materials to help you express your sense of style.

Add rustic elements that complement traditional Nordic décor themes with woven circular table placements made with natural fibers. Choose from 100% palm leaf in light beige or the jumbly threads of brown matted seagrass. Go with another sustainable solution in placemat sets with the light tan look of handmade water hyacinth in robust circular braids.

You can also choose rectangular rustic table placements to complement sleek metal, wood, stone or synthetic countertops, tables or kitchen islands in a home showcasing Scandi modern décor style. Find water hyacinth woven with sea grass or light brown bamboo table mats threaded with black polyester.

Choose durable circular or rectangular plastic placemats that cushion whatever you bring to the table while resembling different materials, including faux leather presented in black tiling or with white floral patterns on blue in a plastic mat that has the look of fine fabric. Or choose rectangular table mat sets in pink, gray or green that have the look of threaded linen.

Or go with the patterned look of 100% cotton placemats for your dining table that puts a variety of colors—neutral gray, black, white and beige—on display. And the colors are retained after washing thanks to the yarn-dyed cotton that is used to provide a timeless feel. That expression of craftsmanship through material and design continues with 100% cotton table mats in white and gray or black and white carrying a repeating diamond-shaped design that can complement decorative tableware and glassware.  

Find circular placemats with elegant floral designs to add style and color to tabletops. Make the kids feel more at home with fun, colorful table mats of their own to match kids tableware and kids tables.

Keep surfaces ring free with coasters

When drinks can leave a mark or slide on a surface as they bead with condensation on a hot day, keep worries at bay and be a good host with stunning drink coasters. Add modern Nordic décor elements to granite counters or well hewn wooden tables traced in iron with coasters made of wood or metal. Choose light tan bamboo coasters that can double as lids for glasses or mugs to keep drinks free of wind blown debris outside or to keep hot drinks warm. Or go with stainless steel coasters with handsome holders for your next holiday dinner or cocktail party. Choose from brass colored circular cocktail coasters or square coasters in silver.

Frequently asked questions about placemats

How to pick a placemat?

Apply your sense of style while thinking about which type of material calls to you. Thankfully, IKEA has a variety of materials whose look is woven into their fabric. With rectangular placemats ranging from 13 ¾ x 17 ¾ " to 18 x 14”, to a variety of circular placemats at 15” in diameter, there’s a wide range of materials, looks and colors to choose from in affordable table mats.

How do you wash a placemat?

For rustic dining table placemats made of natural fibers, wipe clean with a damp cloth. Just rinse plastic placemats with water in the sink or wipe them with a damp cloth. And be nice to 100% cotton table mats: machine wash very hot on normal cycle. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Iron high. Do not dry clean.

What materials are best for placemats?

Any material that protects your tables or countertops while helping you convey the sense of style you wish to express. Find an array of affordable options in circular and rectangular placemats with IKEA.