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Door mats

No matter the size of your space, keeping your home as comfortable and clean as possible can sometimes feel like a full-time job. But small additions like stylish door mats can help! With an array of designs for indoor and outdoor use, the addition of welcome mats enhances the look and feel of your home while providing a dedicated space for your family and guests to wipe their feet and kick off their shoes. It’s a messy, dirty world out there, and the bottoms of our shoes see the germy, muddy worst of it. With stylish door mats at every entry point, you can leave your shoes—and your worries—at the door.

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Welcome mats that live up to their name

While we offer basic door mats to suit all needs, preferences and budgets, our fun and colorful welcome mats are consistently among our most popular. As their name implies, welcome mats are designed to be an introduction to your home—one of the first things you and guests will see when stepping up to the door. We took designing literally ‘inviting’ styles very seriously, with an ever-updating collection of new options to choose from. And guests aren’t the only folks who get to enjoy a stylish door mat—everyone who walks past your home will get a glimpse into your personal style and personality. 

How to choose the right door mats for your home

With dozens of door mats to choose from, we’re sure to have one that suits your style and size needs. But beyond choosing the color or print you like best, it’s also important to consider the benefits different door mat materials offer... 

  • Coir Door Mats: Crafted from natural, durable coconut fibers, coir mats are popular for doorsteps, patios, poolside and more. Thanks to their absorbency and scratchy surface, these mats make short work of cleaning wet and muddy shoes and boots. Once fully dry, these mats can be vacuumed or shaken to remove dirt, gravel, and ground-in leaves and debris
  • Recycled Material Welcome Mats: At IKEA, we always look for opportunities to produce sustainable goods crafted from recycled materials like PET bottles, and our welcome mat collection is no exception. As practical and important as door mats are, by design they are quite literally something we wipe our shoes on. Why use shiny new materials for a decor item that has such a dirty job? 
  • Polyester Door Mats: Available in a stunning selection of solids and punchy prints, our colorful and fashionable polyester mats help keep your floors clean and look great doing it. Indoors and outdoors, these mats serve as a perfect surface for wiping your feet or kicking off your shoes without worry about damaging the floor

Be sure to check out the product details for your favorite door mats for additional information about materials and proper care. While many of our mats are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, certain styles are recommended for indoor use only. Most of our welcome mats feature a synthetic rubber or natural latex backing to help keep them in place, swipe after swipe and hello after hello!