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Runners & small rugs

It’s sometimes the more unassuming decor touches that have the biggest impact on the feel and function of our homes, and our small rugs are no exception. No matter the size or style of your space, the right small rug for every nook, niche, hallway and entryway is in IKEA’s superior selection. Browse our always-updating array of small rugs and runner rugs to provide texture and traction in your space, while helping keep your home cleaner by encouraging leaving shoes on the rug!

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More optionsLOHALS Rug, flatwoven 2 ' 7 "x4 ' 11 "

LOHALS Rug, flatwoven, natural, 2 ' 7 "x9 ' 10 "

More optionsKORSNING Rug flatwoven, in/outdoor 2 ' 7 "x8 ' 2 "

KORSNING Rug flatwoven, in/outdoor, green purple/stripe, 2 ' 7 "x4 ' 11 "

More optionsSORTSÖ Rug, flatwoven 1 ' 10 "x2 ' 9 "

SORTSÖ Rug, flatwoven, light blue, 1 ' 10 "x2 ' 9 "SORTSÖ Rug, flatwoven, light green, 1 ' 10 "x2 ' 9 "

More optionsTOFTLUND Rug 1 ' 10 "x2 ' 9 "

TOFTLUND Rug, light beige, 1 ' 10 "x2 ' 9 "TOFTLUND Rug, beige, 1 ' 10 "x2 ' 9 "TOFTLUND Rug, blue, 1 ' 10 "x2 ' 9 "

More optionsTIDTABELL Rug, flatwoven 2 ' 7 "x4 ' 11 "

TIDTABELL Rug, flatwoven, beige, 2 ' 7 "x6 ' 7 "

More optionsLANGSTED Rug, low pile 2 ' 0 "x2 ' 11 "

LANGSTED Rug, low pile, light gray, 2 ' 0 "x2 ' 11 "

More optionsSTOENSE Rug, low pile 2 ' 7 "x4 ' 11 "

STOENSE Rug, low pile, medium gray, 2 ' 7 "x4 ' 11 "
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Small rugs that make a big impact

Whether you’re floored by easy-care flatwoven runner rugs, or want positively plush small rugs to tickle your toes, the size, color, design and shape you choose is just as important as the pile. We offer dozens of tempting small rugs to choose from, with a variety of textures and styles to suit every member of your family. 

Runner rugs that are never runner-up

At IKEA, we don’t produce anything that isn’t up to the challenges of everyday life. Our products are designed to look good, of course—that goes without saying! But beyond the beauty are hardworking materials and thoughtful construction that considers the task at hand for a given item. 

In the case of runner rugs, we crafted designs that are up to heavy wear-and-tear, whether they’re in the entryway, hallway or wherever you need a little traction and warmth. And while we might be a bit biased, we think they all deserve the gold in smart design—no runners-up here!

Hallway runner rugs for safety and style

Adding a runner rug to your hallway won’t only elevate the style, it can also increase safety. The hallway in a busy home can resemble a revolving door on hectic mornings, with family members rushing to get showered and ready for the day ahead. A hallway runner rug can add much-needed traction to your morning rush, while also keeping cold toes a bit warmer on those late night bathroom runs!

Entryway runner rugs keep living spaces clean

Just like your hallways sees a lot of barefoot traffic, your entryway sees every pair of shoes that enter and leave your home. Encourage yourself and others to do one of the smallest but most impactful things to help keep that home clean—leaving your shoes at the door! Not only will this help in tracking less unwanted moisture, dirt, bacteria and debris into your living space, but it can also improve safety as potentially slick and slippery shoes will be left on the runner rug to dry.