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Medium, large and extra-large rugs

Our medium and large area rugs are a treat for your feet, bringing fashion-forward style to your home. Suitable for the dining room, living room, bedroom and beyond, IKEA area rugs offer quality and design that can’t be matched for an amazingly affordable price. Add cozy warmth while tying your room together with our extensive selection of colors, patterns and sizes, in flatwoven, high pile and low pile rugs. 

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More optionsSTARREKLINTE Rug, flatwoven 6 ' 1 "x9 ' 2 "

STARREKLINTE Rug, flatwoven, natural/light green, 5 ' 1 "x7 ' 3 "STARREKLINTE Rug, flatwoven, natural/black, 3 ' 11 "x5 ' 11 "STARREKLINTE Rug, flatwoven, natural/light green, 3 ' 11 "x5 ' 11 "

More optionsSTANGERUM Rug, high pile 7 ' 10 "x9 ' 10 "

STANGERUM Rug, high pile, gray, 5 ' 7 "x7 ' 10 "

More optionsGRUNDSKOLA Rug, low pile 7 ' 10 "x9 ' 10 "

GRUNDSKOLA Rug, low pile, multicolor, 5 ' 3 "x7 ' 10 "
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Pick your pile: From flatwoven rugs to high pile plush

IKEA offers dozens of on-trend large and medium area rugs to suit your unique space and style. The majority of our rugs fall within one of three different categories, which is noted in the description for each style. These include: flatwoven rugs, low pile rugs and high pile rugs.

  • Flatwoven rugs: These thin rugs are perfect for any room, indoors and out. Their low profile makes them a favorite for any space where you want color, warmth and softness with little resistance so that furniture can be moved easily, such as beneath dining room chairs. This also makes them a smart choice for homes with babies learning to crawl, as well as homes with residents who use mobility aids that can get caught on long carpet fibers
  • Low pile rugs: A low pile rug offers the perfect middle-ground between flat and fluffy, and needs vacuuming less often than high pile options
  • High pile rugs: If you’re looking for the ultimate sink-your-toes-in cushiony softness, these luxuriously plush rugs deliver (and look good doing it!)

Looking for large or medium area rugs for the porch or patio? We offer several styles of indoor / outdoor area rugs to spruce up your space instantly. 

Large area rugs are ideal for living rooms

Area rugs help tie a space together like no other home decor element can, providing softness and warmth underfoot while imparting style. Whether your living room is big, small or somewhere in between, large area rugs have a big impact on cohesion. 

  • If you have a very large living room and want an area rug that makes an impact without bordering on wall-to-wall coverage, consider using an extra large area rug as a centerpiece in the room. One setup that could work stylishly well is adding an oversized coffee table to the center of the rug, and placing surrounding sofas and chairs just beyond the rug. Everyone who gathers will have the cushiony warmth of the rug underfoot, without the furniture crowding the space. The oversized coffee table will also ensure everyone can keep their drinks and snacks within reach no matter which seat they’ve secured.
  • If you have a small or apartment-sized living room, including your largest furniture on the rug itself can add serious coziness to your space. It can also help to add a literal ‘common ground’ to a room, which works well for both minimalist and more eclectic styles. Did you inherit an assortment of hand-me-down furniture that meets your needs and suits your style, but has little in common with each other? Or perhaps your penchant for thrifting has left you with mismatched items that you adore, but admittedly create a bit of a chaotic vibe? Consider large area rugs in solid colors to provide a polished look underfoot that instantly transforms that chaos into all things charming and unique.