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Throw pillow covers

Throw pillow covers make it easy and affordable to switch up the look and feel of your space in an instant. We offer cushion covers in an array of sizes and shapes to suit all styles, from stunning solids to punchy prints. Our square decorative pillow covers are our most popular, with dozens of ever-changing options to choose from. Whether you’re scouring for Scandinavian style, craving a contemporary look, looking for clean, modern lines or effortless boho vibes, you’ll find it here.

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More optionsSANELA Cushion cover 20x20 "

SANELA Cushion cover, light beige, 20x20 "SANELA Cushion cover, deep blue, 20x20 "SANELA Cushion cover, light brown, 20x20 "

More optionsSVARTPOPPEL Cushion cover 20x20 "

SVARTPOPPEL Cushion cover, pale gray-green, 20x20 "SVARTPOPPEL Cushion cover, yellow, 20x20 "SVARTPOPPEL Cushion cover, pale blue, 20x20 "

More optionsSANELA Cushion cover 26x26 "

SANELA Cushion cover, light beige, 26x26 "SANELA Cushion cover, light olive-green, 26x26 "SANELA Cushion cover, red/brown, 26x26 "

More optionsAINA Cushion cover 26x26 "

AINA Cushion cover, gray, 26x26 "AINA Cushion cover, light pink, 26x26 "AINA Cushion cover, white, 26x26 "

More optionsDYTÅG Cushion cover 20x20 "

DYTÅG Cushion cover, dark beige, 20x20 "DYTÅG Cushion cover, dark blue, 20x20 "DYTÅG Cushion cover, gray-green, 20x20 "

More optionsSANELA Cushion cover 16x23 "

SANELA Cushion cover, light beige, 16x23 "SANELA Cushion cover, yellow-beige, 16x23 "SANELA Cushion cover, orange-brown, 16x23 "

More optionsSVÄRDTÅG Cushion cover 20x20 "

SVÄRDTÅG Cushion cover, dark blue/floral pattern, 20x20 "

More optionsGULDFLY Cushion cover 20x20 "

GULDFLY Cushion cover, anthracite/off-white, 20x20 "GULDFLY Cushion cover, dark yellow/off-white, 20x20 "GULDFLY Cushion cover, orange-red/orange, 20x20 "

More optionsSVARTPOPPEL Cushion cover 26x26 "

SVARTPOPPEL Cushion cover, light red, 26x26 "SVARTPOPPEL Cushion cover, blue, 26x26 "

More optionsSPÖKSÄCKMAL Cushion cover 20x20 "

SPÖKSÄCKMAL Cushion cover, green, 20x20 "SPÖKSÄCKMAL Cushion cover, yellow, 20x20 "

More optionsSVARTHÖ Cushion cover 20x20 "

SVARTHÖ Cushion cover, beige, 20x20 "SVARTHÖ Cushion cover, gray/beige, 20x20 "SVARTHÖ Cushion cover, pink/beige, 20x20 "

More optionsEBBATILDA Cushion cover 20x20 "

EBBATILDA Cushion cover, light beige, 20x20 "EBBATILDA Cushion cover, light gray-green, 20x20 "

More optionsÅSVEIG Cushion cover 20x20 "

ÅSVEIG Cushion cover, pink, 20x20 "

More optionsKUSTGRAN Cushion cover 16x23 "

KUSTGRAN Cushion cover, anthracite, 16x23 "KUSTGRAN Cushion cover, yellow-green, 16x23 "

More optionsPLOMMONROS Cushion cover 20x20 "

PLOMMONROS Cushion cover, dark gray/gray, 20x20 "

More optionsSPÖKSÄCKMAL Cushion cover 26x26 "

SPÖKSÄCKMAL Cushion cover, green, 26x26 "SPÖKSÄCKMAL Cushion cover, yellow, 26x26 "
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Throw pillow covers for every color palette

If you can’t find something that catches your eye in our pillow covers collection, you might not be looking hard enough! We strive to offer styles that suit everyone’s tastes, and are always switching up our collection to keep things fun and fresh. In addition to different prints, plaids, stripes, sizes and textures, our pillow cover colors span the rainbow. 

Cushion covers you can cozy up to

The color or pattern of throw pillows is often what we notice first, but texture also has a major impact on the style and comfort of the pillow. If you’re a regular sofa napper or will use your cushion covers on your bed, consider a sumptuous satin or velvet, or the same fabric you prefer for your bed pillow cases.

More of a “lean against the pillow” than a “lay on the pillow” person? In that scenario, focusing on a durable fabric makes a good starting point. Durability is also a common decision-making factor for parents and pet parents, whose pillows withstand more daily wear and tear. 

Accent pillow covers that pop

While we’re in full support of buying bold, vibrantly patterned furniture, most of us opt for solid colors and inject some extra style with accent pillows. 

This makes sense for a few reasons: 

  • We use our furniture for many years, and our tastes may change in that time
  • If we grow tired of a bold patterned couch or chair, we may have to learn to live with it for a long time because they’re a major investment
  • There are simply more options available in solid colored furniture because of its wider appeal


When choosing accent pillow covers, consider the desired effect or impact you want them to have. Consider opting for pillows at the opposite end of the color wheel as your sofa, chair or bedspread for a bold but stylish look. For example, if you have a blue couch, orange throw pillow covers will really pop. Want a more luxurious look? Add dimension by choosing pillows in the same color but a different hue, like citrine green pillows for a forest green sofa.