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Pillows that match the way you sleep

Back sleepers, side sleepers, hug-your-pillow sleepers, there’s a pillow here made just for you. Choose from pillows filled with down and feathers, memory foam or polyester in a variety of thicknesses to support your sleeping style. And with covers made from natural and renewable lyocell, they’ll support your conscience, too.

IKEA Pillows
  • Pillows – choosing what’s best for you

    If your morning starts with a stiff neck, it could be time to check out our pillows. You’ll find an affordable choice of high, low and in-between pillows, designed to give your neck and head comfort and support and ease strain on your muscles. So you can relax and get a good night’s sleep. We have pillows for side sleepers, for back sleepers and for people who sleep on their stomach. If you want to find the best pillow for you, you can use our online quilts and pillows guide. We also have support pillows to help keep you propped up in bed in front of a good book.

  • Making your pillows a treat for your eyes, too

    Once you’ve found the perfect pillow, you need to cover it with something. A first step could be to use a pillow protector. These keep pillows clean and help them last longer. Have a look at our pillowcases, too. We have some individually-sold ones but most of them come in sets along with a duvet cover. So this could be an opportunity to refresh your bed and the whole room with new patterns and colours. Why not have a look at our other bed linen, as well? And if you decide to give your room a total textile makeover, we also have curtains and rugs to go with your new pillows, too.