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Sleeper sofas & futons

Solving two needs at once to save you space and money, our sleeper sofas, couch beds and futons never rest – they leave that up to you or your guests. IKEA’s collection features a variety of styles and colors, with options like pull-out beds, small futons and corner sofa armchairs. Many models even include built-in storage for bed linens as well, for an even greater space saving solution.

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More variantsFRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage

FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Hyllie beigeFRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Skiftebo blueFRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Hyllie dark gray

More variantsBALKARP Sleeper sofa

BALKARP Sleeper sofa, Knisa black

More variantsFINNALA Sleeper sofa

FINNALA Sleeper sofa, Tallmyra beigeFINNALA Sleeper sofa, Gunnared beigeFINNALA Sleeper sofa, Orrsta black-blue

More variantsFRIHETEN / KLAGSHAMN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage

FRIHETEN / KLAGSHAMN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Skiftebo blue

More variantsFINNALA Sleeper sofa

FINNALA Sleeper sofa, with chaise/Tallmyra beigeFINNALA Sleeper sofa, with chaise/Orrsta black-blueFINNALA Sleeper sofa, with chaise/Tallmyra black/gray

More variantsLYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa

LYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Vansbro dark grayLYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Knisa light grayLYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Vansbro bright green

More variantsHOLMSUND Sleeper sectional, 3-seat

HOLMSUND Sleeper sectional, 3-seat, Orrsta light blueHOLMSUND Sleeper sectional, 3-seat, Orrsta light white-grayHOLMSUND Sleeper sectional, 3-seat, Nordvalla medium gray

More variantsVRETSTORP Sleeper sofa

VRETSTORP Sleeper sofa, Hallarp beigeVRETSTORP Sleeper sofa, Remmarn light grayVRETSTORP Sleeper sofa, Hallarp gray

More variantsHOLMSUND Sleeper sofa

HOLMSUND Sleeper sofa, Nordvalla beigeHOLMSUND Sleeper sofa, Orrsta light blueHOLMSUND Sleeper sofa, Orrsta light white-gray

More variantsNYHAMN Sleeper sofa

NYHAMN Sleeper sofa, with foam mattress/Skiftebo anthraciteNYHAMN Sleeper sofa, with foam mattress/Hyllie beigeNYHAMN Sleeper sofa, with foam mattress/Skiftebo blue

More variantsHÄRLANDA Sleeper sofa

HÄRLANDA Sleeper sofa, with chaise/Sporda naturalHÄRLANDA Sleeper sofa, with chaise/Sporda dark grayHÄRLANDA Sleeper sofa, with chaise/Ljungen light green
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Sleep, play and relax on sofa-beds

When the living room is also your bedroom, a comfortable sofa-bed does the trick in saving space. A sofa that sees plenty of daytime action instantly transforms into a cozy sleeping spot by night. Just add pillows and a duvet (which you can store underneath when not in use) and you’re all set for a good night’s sleep.

See all convertible sofa beds & futons
A living room in shades of white, with two teens in a beige FRIHETEN corner sofa-bed playing a video game, consoles in hand.
    A beige FRIHETEN sofa-bed made as a bed with white ÄNGSLILJA bed linen and with a bedside KVISTBRO storage table.
      See all convertible sofa beds & futons

      Sit or Sleep - we have the perfect sleeper sofa for you

      Sleeper sofas do two, or sometimes even three, jobs at once – never resting – while letting you or your guests do just that! With a versatile sofa bed, you have a place to lounge and relax by day and a convenient, space efficient sleeping area by night. Some models also come with built in storage, making it an incredibly efficient piece furniture. 

      Here are a few tips on how to choose the right futon, couch bed or sleeper sectional for your home.

      Room size and space

      When choosing a sleeper sofa, you need to consider how many seats you need and what will fit in your home. 

      Do you need to fit a big family or group of friends on your sofa? In that case, maybe a corner, or a big 3-seater couch bed might be a good option. If you lack space in your home, you might want to look at a sleeper loveseat or a small corner futon. If your space is very limited, we also offer a selection of single chair beds as well.

      Measure for both sofa and bed

      Remember that the mechanism of turning your sofa into a guest bed means it will take up extra space. For example, a foldout sofa bed requires free space in front of the sofa, or at least space that can easily be cleared. A clic clac mechanism requires free space behind the sleeper sofa, since the backrest is pushed back and flattened. You can also choose a pull-out couch bed or futon that will require free space in front of the sofa, just like the foldout. 

      If you’re short on space, storing spare bed linen might be a challenge. When that’s the case, a sofa bed with built in storage is a great solution. And remember, if you need some extra bed linen that matches your style – we’ve got you covered for that too!

      Comfortable sleeper sofas

      If your space is limited, fitting both a sofa and a bed in your room could be difficult. In those cases, a bedroom sleeper sofa could be the solution you need. Just remember, if your sofa bed is going to be your primary bed, comfort will be essential. 

      Luckily, we offer convertible couch beds that let you use a futon mattress – so you can get just the sleeping conditions you like. Choose the firmness, softness and support of your mattress just like you’d do with any regular bed.