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Panel curtains

From sheer and almost transparent to big, bold splashes of color, we have a wide range of panel blinds and curtains. They're ideal for multi-layered window treatments—use them with our VIDGA curtain rails and enjoy several layers. Did you know that you also can use panels as "doors" for wardrobes?

Curtain panels are perfect for glass door windows

Sliding panel curtains add an elegant sense of style to the home while filtering light coming through glass doors. These fabric window panels either softly filter light or go a bit further to provide privacy while letting some daylight through. Sliding curtains can filter light individually or have a greater effect when stacked atop one another. Panel curtains can cut down on glare on your computer or television while being part of a layered window solution with heavier curtains or drapes that can block out much more, if not all light.

Protect open storage with curtain panels, or divide a room

Use the stunning effect of sheer fabric sliding panel curtains to cover open closets in the living room or exposed wardrobes in the bedroom. Rather than leave open shelving or other storage solutions exposed, apply a clean aesthetic by covering them with the artful splash of color from a hanging curtain panel. In smaller apartments such as a studio, panel curtains can be used to help create intimate spaces. Offset a space with curtain panels for your painting easel or desk, or use sliding curtains to mark off a changing area or where you watch TV.

Frequently asked questions about curtain panels

What are curtain panels?

Ranging from sheer to semi sheer to more room darkening window treatments, curtain panels slide on curtain rails or curtain tracks and can be stacked atop each other. They can either be used by themselves or with thicker curtains or drapes. They are also excellent as room dividers or as blocking for open storage solutions such as wardrobes or open closets.

How do curtain panels and tracks work?

Sliding curtains move smoothly with the wheels of a track system to open completely and stack with other curtain panels in a set, or to create a staggered effect.

How do you measure for curtain panels?

It’s recommended that the combined width of your curtain panels cover the width of your window plus an additional 1ft on either side for good measure. Length depends on the style you’d like to express: you can have your curtain panels go just past the window sill or almost all the way down to the floor.

Where can I put curtain panels?

Window panels are great for providing ambience by softly filtering light but they aren’t just for windows. They can be used as room dividers or to provide elegant visual blocking for open wardrobes, cabinets or other storage solutions.