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Room darkening curtains & drapes

Room darkening curtains keep most of the light out and give you privacy by blocking the view into your room, both day and night. There are a lot of different colors and styles of IKEA room darkening curtains. Check them out and find the best room darkening curtains for you.

Room darkening curtains keep sunlight out without sacrificing style

Darkening curtains can be seen as a pleasant middle ground on the way to the much heavier fabrics and darker colors of most blackout curtains. Room darkening curtains only allow in a small degree of ambient light in order to create mood and atmosphere while cutting down on glare and harsh UV rays.  Room darkening curtains are available in a wide range of colors, fabrics and styles.

Upgrade your current curtains with ease

It’s easy to find a wide array of stylish room darkening curtains. Choose from soft cotton velvet curtains that fall elegantly while insulating against heat and cold like the other drapes in the collection. Besides adding a warm, comforting feel, thick cotton velvet is a good choice for dampening sound as well as outside light in your living room or dining room while adding a touch of luxury. Find drapes in a wide range of colors, from white 100% cotton curtains that have the look of fine linen to blue and gray striped or pleated turquoise drapes made of smooth polyester.

Smart design features allow you to easily go from one type of curtain to another, especially if curtain rods or clips are already installed. The eyelet heading of several types of room darkening curtains allows you to hang them directly onto a curtain rod. Other types of curtains can be hung on a curtain rod through the hidden tabs on the heading tape or with rings and hooks. The heading tape also makes it easy to create pleats using RIKTIG curtain hooks. Additionally, for some curtains, there’s the option to use the SY iron-on hemming strip to shorten the curtains without sewing.

Frequently asked questions about room darkening curtains

Can you see through room darkening curtains?

No. These curtains afford privacy while cutting down on most exterior light. While you might be able to see a blurry impression of something directly in front of the curtains, their dense fabric prevents most light from getting through.

What’s the difference between room darkening curtains and blackout curtains?

Allowing some light in versus blocking out all light. While shift workers or anyone who needs total darkness to get in that crucial midday nap will call upon blackout curtains to help them reach the land of slumber, other people appreciate the subtle mood lighting afforded by room darkening curtains— whether for the bedroom, living room or den.