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Light filtering curtains

Light filtering curtains lower the amount of light in your room and give you privacy by making sure that people outside can’t see directly in. Check out the different styles and colors here for the best light filtering curtains for your home.

Benefits of light filtering curtains

While still allowing you to enjoy the design of bay windows or picture windows, light filtering window treatments help create atmosphere and mood while cutting down on glare and affording privacy. Choose pale-shaded, slightly transparent curtains that create an airy, romantic expression through a 50/50 blend of cotton and viscose rayon that resembles the ruffles of a light, elegant dress. Or go with 100% cotton light filtering curtains with the charming look of stunning table linen. You can also go with the light airy feel of bedsheets or a summer dress with a polyester cotton blend window treatment that will let in some natural light while adjusting the vibe of any room. 

Let in light while keeping your privacy

You don’t have to shut yourself off from the outside world while affording you and the family a bit of privacy. Elegant light filtering curtains allow you to enjoy the feel of any day as they allow some natural light into the room. Just as they softly filter light to adjust the mood of any room on the inside, from the outside these window treatments provide a sophisticated sense of style while cutting down on direct sightlines into the home.

Frequently asked questions about light filtering curtains

What are light filtering curtains?

Semi-sheer curtains that filter light to cut down on glare while affording privacy.

Can you see through light filtering curtains?

Somewhat. When fully open, the fabric of some light filtering curtains can allow a blurred, soft impression of anything close to the window. The fabric will allow a soft light through while giving you privacy by preventing people from seeing directly in.

What is the difference between sheer and light filtering curtains?

Sheer curtains are transparent and while capable as the perfect window treatment for window doors, bay windows or any design element you want to show off, light filtering curtains provide privacy while adjusting the mood and feel of a room.

Do light filtering curtains block heat?

While light filtering curtains can make a room cooler by cutting down on some UV rays, they do not have as pronounced an effect in this regard as other types of blinds or shades. Combine the ability to enjoy the natural light of any day by matching your light filtering curtains with room darkening shades or blackout curtains that prevent less thermal exchange and block more light when you need it.