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Net, sheer & lace curtains

Sheer curtains let daylight through while still providing privacy—making them perfect to use in a layered window solution. With the options available here, including net curtains, you’re sure to find the right ones to help you give your home a boost.

Layering window treatments with sheer curtains

Combining sheer curtains with heavier curtains makes for a versatile, balanced window treatment in the living room, bedroom or any room in the home. While net curtains or any type of sheer curtains allow you to show off elegant bay windows or window doors, they also provide a degree of privacy while still letting a lot of light in. When paired with room darkening curtains or blackout curtains through a double or triple curtain rod, sheer curtains help provide a flexible window treatment solution for any mood or time of day. Draw open thicker curtains and let sheer curtains softly filter some light as you take your coffee on the couch or read the paper in bed. Let the light dance into the room through transparent curtains when entertaining for lunch. When it’s time to take a nap or put on a movie, block out all light or just cut down on glare by pulling closed thicker curtains.

Sheer curtains or net curtains?

Net curtains are a type of sheer curtain. While generally speaking, net curtains may be considered to be less decorative and are limited in color options than sheer curtains, this is not always the case. Now, both net and sheer curtains can be highly decorative and available in a wide variety of colors.

Frequently asked questions about sheer curtains

Why do I need sheer curtains?

Because we all need a little sun in our lives. Sheer curtains help you connect with the outside world as they let light in, afford some privacy and let you see what's going on outside your windows. No one wants to feel cooped up in their own home, so enjoy the freeing impression of sheer curtains combined with heavier curtains for a flexible window treatment solution.

What is the difference between sheer and voile curtains?

 While sheer curtains generally feature lighter materials, voile curtains tend to be made of heavier fabrics with a higher thread count such as cotton blends featuring polyester and linen. That said, voile is a type of sheer curtain.

Should sheer curtains touch the floor?

While the length of your curtains can be subjective, there's no need to have sheer curtains fall down to the floor—as you would with heavier curtains that can cut down on thermal exchange at your windows. As with their look, keep it light by having them float in the breeze just past your window sill or a bit further.

Are sheer curtains still in style?

Are light blouses or linen shirts still in style? The appeal of a light, airy feel definitely has not faded. Besides coming in various colors and having eye-pleasing designs, sheer curtains allow you and the room you're in to breath as light and air filters into the room. Enjoy some privacy while not feeling cooped up inside as you connect with the outside world.