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Kids beds

It’s ok to get emotional about buying a kid’s single bed. We know it feels like you only just set up the crib. But the growing doesn’t stop. So give your little one a children’s bed to help them feel independent and comforted in a bed of their own – even if they end up in your bed occasionally.

At some point, your little dreamer is going to need to upgrade from their baby cribs to a kid’s bed. And while it might seem like that moment comes way too soon, a trundle bed from IKEA will give your child room to comfortably grow for years after. Enough room so that, hopefully, the next bed upgrade won’t come as quite a shock.

There are no hard rules about when you should move your child from a crib to a kid’s single bed. However, a good guideline is to give your child their own bed just before they can almost climb out of the cribcot by themselves. This way, there’s less risk that they hurt themselves trying to get out of bed at night.

Trundle beds: Perfect for sudden sleepovers

Once your kids have moved from a crib, it’s just a matter of time before they start asking about having friends over to spend the night. Luckily, we have trundle beds that come with built-in pull-out beds that are perfect for a sleepover.

These models are also good for parents of children that are uneasy sleepers. This way, you have a comfy place to lay down while helping your child get to sleep. Look through our range for a kid’s bed with an underbed to find the right one for you and your child.

Kid’s bed with storage

The only thing that might grow faster than your kids are their piles of stuff. As soon as you turn your back, it seems like the toys, clothes and books strewn about the floor multiply. Which, come to think of it, would explain how children’s rooms get so messy, so, so quickly. The best way to fight back against the piles is to add clever, space-efficient storage to the room. Preferably storage that keeps things organized while still leaving a lot of room for fun and games.

A child bed with storage underneath turns ‘shoving stuff under the bed’ into a good thing. You get a lot of toys out of the way; you keep the room tidy and you protect their things from dust and dirt. And all this without taking up more floor space than the bed. Better yet, some of our trundle beds have built-in storage too!

For more fun and clever storage, check out our complete kid’s storage and organization range.