Loft beds

Loft beds make good use of any room. A bed always takes up quite a lot of space. This might be a problem if you live where there is not unlimited space, like in a smaller bedroom or just a smaller studio apartment. A loft bed gives you the opportunity to maximize your space.

Different kinds of loft beds

What’s similar in all loft beds is that the sleeping area is elevated and you can use the space underneath it. What differs is the design and look of the bed, and, maybe more importantly, what fits underneath it. Some of our loft beds come with a built-in desk underneath, and with clever storage such as drawers. This makes maximal use of the space underneath since the dimensions are perfect. Another option is a loft bed without anything underneath, just a frame. The advantages of this is obvious, you can choose exactly what you want to put underneath yourself. This gives you the freedom to choose if you’d like a cozy corner for your sofa or armchair, if you prefer to create your own desk for studying or working or if you’d like to put something completely different underneath.

Full size loft bed

Most of our loft beds fit a twin size (38 1/4 inches wide) mattress. This size works for most children as well as for teenagers and adults. Some customers may prefer a bigger loft bed with a wider mattress. For these people, STORÅ has space for a full size (53 1/8 inches wide) mattress.

Please remember that our mattresses are sold separately. This means that the mattress choice is up to you, as long as it fits the bed frame. For younger children, and some loft beds, there is a maximum mattress thickness to eliminate the risk of rolling out of bed.