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Loft beds

Loft beds make good use of any room. A bed always takes up quite a lot of space. This might be a problem if you live where there is not unlimited space, like in a smaller bedroom or just a smaller studio apartment. A loft bed gives you the opportunity to maximize your space.

Loft beds are a go-to solution for those with small bedrooms or small apartments. Most of us love our bed as much as we dislike the amount of precious floor space it takes up. Sometimes the loftiest ideas are the best; introduce a high quality loft bed into your home to free up the maximum amount of space below. A loft bed is a bed frame that elevates the mattress high off the floor, with a ladder that lets you climb your way up to sleep.  

Different kinds of loft beds 

What’s similar in all loft beds is that the sleeping area is elevated, and you can use the space beneath for any number of fun or practical purposes. But while each loft bed shares this noble function, they do differ in design, style and – most importantly – the amount of space provided beneath.  

At IKEA, you’ll find we’ve simplified some decisions for you. You’ll find, for example, loft beds with built-in desk underneath, or loft beds with clever storage solutions such as drawers and cupboards. Our ready-built bed storage solutions make maximal use of the space underneath, since the dimensions are made to fit perfectly. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about pairing two pieces of furniture – these styles are designed to match.  

But if you want a loft bed with an empty space beneath, then you’ll of course find that too. The advantage is obvious – you can decide precisely what you want to store beneath, from a gorgeous bookshelf to a cosy sofa and armchair corner. You can even create your own desk for studying or working to place beneath the loft bed – and then in the future use the space for something completely different! The sky’s the limit, and the loft bed let you sleep closer to that sky.  

Full size loft bed 

Most of our loft beds fit a 90 cm wide mattress. This size works for adults, teenagers and most adults. Some customers may prefer a bigger loft bed with a wider mattress. If so, STORÅ loft bed has space for a 140 cm mattress so you can spread out fully. Mattresses are sold separately. This allows you to choose the mattress type best suited to you, providing the mattress size dimensions fit the loft bed frame.