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Kids bed tents & canopies

Give your little ones a cute and cozy cover that encourages the sweetest of dreams with a kids bed tent. Our colorful selection includes classic kids canopy tents, as well as fuller-coverage designs that also set the stage for creative playtime. An easy, affordable update that makes a major impact, kids bed tents make every night feel like camping, s’mores optional! 

Benefits of kids bed tents

Beyond their charming good looks, bed tents bring a bevy of benefits and creative options…

  • A Space of One’s Own: For larger families or those simply short on square footage, it’s not always an option for all the kiddos to have their own rooms. While many children enjoy sharing a sleeping space with their siblings, it’s also nice to have a corner of quietude carved out just for you. The simple addition of a kids canopy tent helps provide a bit of privacy, whether they want to daydream, read or get some rest.  
  • Designed for Playtime, too: Our selection includes patterned bed curtains that help block light and sounds during sleep, and provide a backdrop for play during the day. Give the screens a rest and encourage your kids to tap into their creativity to dream up new characters and scenarios.  
  • Create ‘Canopy Time’: While a kids canopy tent can help provide more restful slumber, it can also be part of time dedicated to a specific activity. Whether your child likes to read, draw or sing their favorite songs, set aside a certain amount of time each day to indulge these simple pleasures under the canopy. And don’t be afraid to sing along with them!

Give their room an instant upgrade with a kids bed tent or kids canopy tent from IKEA! Our ever-changing selection offers colors and styles to suit every little dreamer.