TUFFING Loft bed frame, dark gray, Twin
TUFFING Loft bed frame, dark gray, Twin
TUFFING Loft bed frame, dark gray, Twin

This loft bed has passed the same tough safety tests as all our other loft beds. We’ve just made it from other materials, made it lower and replaced the guard rail with the ladder.

Article Number302.994.47

Product details

A good solution where space is limited.It’s easier to get in and out of the bed with a centered ladder. You can use the space under the bed for storage, a workspace or seating.Recommended for children 6 years and older.High beds and the upper bed of bunk or loft beds are not suitable for children under 6 years of age due to the risk of injury from falls.Bed base included.Mattress and bedlinens are sold separately.Max load indicates static weight, in other words the load which the bed withstands if you lie or sit on it.
Article Number302.994.47
  • Main parts:Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Fabric:100 %polyester
    Hand wash cold, 86°F (30°C).Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.Line dry.
  • We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.
  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    TUFFINGLoft bed frameArticle Number302.994.47This product has multiple packages.
    Width: 17 ½ "Height: 3 ½ "Length: 82 ¼ "Weight: 61 lb 13 ozPackage(s): 1
    Width: 15 ¾ "Height: 2 "Length: 43 ½ "Weight: 33 lb 6 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

77 1/2 "
Distance from floor to bed base: 
57 1/8 "
38 1/4 "
70 1/2 "
Max. load: 
220 lb
Mattress length: 
74 3/8 "
Mattress width: 
38 1/4 "
Max. mattress thickness: 
5 1/8 "
Height under loft bed: 
57 1/8 "


WonderfulCristinaI have 2 children sharing a room and these beds free up so much space! They are sturdy and we love them.5
My son loved itJORGEMy son loved it4
The hardest yet most satisfying IKEA buildandreWarning: seriously think and try this bed before buying and begin to assemble right away. This bed is very difficult to disassemble due to the socket style threaded lugs (40 of them). Also, the net is an additional nightmare on top of that! I began building my Tuffing quickly because I'm confident I can always make anything from IKEA work for my needs. At the point after putting the net partially and I made a small mistake but to correct that, it was not just unbolt, I got to deal with the socket lug that is stuck after I unthreaded the bolt. At this point I realized there is no turning back. You need a large space to install the slats because the frame needs to lay down in horizontal position. The side opening for the ladder is narrow and position of the ladder is angled. Because of this, your room/space needs to be about 60 inches before you can comfortably climb up and down the ladder. Because of this, I decided not to use the ladder and once again I had to undo the socket lugs, what a pain. I decided to use the front opening as a ladder and remove the very top bar, cut the net and tuck in it under the mattress. I wrap around a chair cushion ($6 also from IKEA) and tie it with shoe lace. I put a chair also for a nice landing. I have never seen anyone with this hack but I can't attach photos in here. I don't recommend it either unless you're an adventurous person like me. I have an old 6" foam mattress from walmart for about $100. I bought a fitted sheet set from Macy's clearance for $7. I then added solar string LED under the bed, I put the little solar panel just by the window, it works! I now have a cool and comfy loft bed! I'm 5'7, 175 lbs. and I approve the use of this bed every day.5
I was able to putClaudiaI was able to put it together on my own Thank You.5
Nice and strong but tooTATIANANice and strong but too hard to build it, it took almost 4 hours3
Great once you put them togetherASHLEYSo they are up and work great but I had to listen to my spouse yell and grumble for hours putting two together.3
My daughter loves her newTREANNAMy daughter loves her new bed. The space below allows her to store her stuff & save space on her room.5
Good for kids, not teenagers or adultsBrooklyn parentMy two children, teenagers now, have been using the loft beds for about 7 years now. They enjoyed them and they allowed us to save space in their rooms. We also liked more modern metal look. However, as my children grew, the mesh that supports the mattress bent. It would have been great to 1. know the weight limit for the mesh ahead of time 2. to have an option of just replacing the mesh or to have instructions on how to repair it 3. To be able to replace the mesh with a more supportive base 4. To upgrade the mattress to accommodate more grown up heavier bodies. I feel sorry for the environment for getting rid of two pretty functional big metal beds save for the mattress support! It's a good product if you want to use it only for a number of years, unfortunately. You would think it should be possible to extend its life with slight design upgrade.4
Worse beds everMis GemelodPurchased two of these, first it's hard to assemble, second it's make so much noise every single time my kids move I can hear them. I will be getting new beds for them .1
Great option for kids roomMelloooAssembly is a bit harder than other IKEA products I ever purchased, but if you have an assistance from your family or friends, no issues at all. Only problem I experienced was a desk to install under the bed... the IKEA suggested product was not for this bunk bed.4
Shaky and difficult to assembleSCherryMy son (8) picked out this bed for his room. He LOVED it in the store and the price was great, so we made the purchase. Once we got it home, I found the assembly to be difficult for one person to manage. This was initially due to the size and height of the item, so I didn't think much of it. However, when we got to the step of putting on the net and screwing on the portion that holds the mattress, it was nearly impossible to get finished. I ended up needing the help of my son, my daughter, and her friend. We ultimately had to lay the bed down on its side to be able to see the screw holes. After ALL of the trouble we went to getting the bed put together, my son only slept on it a hand full of times. He said that it was very shaky, even though I leveled it to the floor in the room. And he was too scared to sleep on a shaky bed that high up. We ended up trading a friend for a regular height bed.2
Cheap price with the worst assembled instructionsFw1935The price is cheap, and make so much noise when you move. This is the worst assembled instructions ever Ikea ever came out. It should be simple and easy to build this kind of bunk bed. But not this one!1
7 year old approved!KH79We bought this for our daughter she loves it! There’s so much space underneath that she loves to play and store her toys beneath. We also hanged rainbow lights on the metal bars which turned out great!5
Excellent and economical space saverksteckWe purchased two of these beds a couple months ago for an 8 year old and an 11 year old who have small bedrooms. They are sturdy and fun and the kids love them.5
Sturdy bedBeatrice24My daughter climbing to bed every night !!!5
desk!stepht12I love the bed! easy to assemble, however i have been going crazy trying to find the desk piece for below.... thanks!!!!5
Great buyAnniegeeHonestly I wish I didn't read the reviews prior to making this purchase. People (one particular construction worker/handymen ) had a difficult time putting the product together. By reading these negative reviews I psyched my self out thinking I could not build this without a professional. Mind you I am a 5'3 petite female and was able to build this just fine. By reading the instructions carefully and a bit of patience I was able to build the bed without any help. My child slept on it and loved it. Im glad I purchased this item even with the negative reviews.4
ship710I bought this about a month ago. My son loves it.5
PerfectMeliss27My daughter loves it. Her desk she already had fit perfectly under.5
TUFFING Loft bed frame, dark gray, Twin

The practical magic of bunk beds

Bunk beds can seem magical to kids. From being one of the smallest in the family, you're elevated to where you can see everything completely differently. Sitting up high, you might even be able to peer down at your parents or siblings. It's hard not to feel like you're in a nest, or a ship, or the tower of a castle.

Of course from a parent's point of view you're probably thinking about fitting two siblings in a room, or perhaps an extra bed so friends can sleep over. In either case, bunk beds are a clever way to make the most of children's sleeping spaces. With the new TUFFING bunk bed and loft bed, designed to be affordable and fit in smaller spaces, both parents and kids get a practical and slightly magical piece of furniture.

Kids don't think about safety so we do

Let's face it, when kids are in the middle of an activity the last thing they're probably thinking is 'is this safe?'. Because of this our children's beds undergo some of the most rigorous testing it's possible to do on furniture. There are strict industry safety standards to start off with, but for the TUFFING design team this was just the beginning. TUFFING product development engineer Olaf Szukalowicz explains the journey. "First of all we looked at global data covering all types of accidents that have involved bunk beds. Then we worked with the design and especially all the gaps and openings to stop these from happening again."

Next the team had to make sure the bunk beds could hold up to everything they could throw at them. "After that we tested the durablity to make sure all the parts are really tough. We do that with two weeks of vigorous strength testing where the structure is pushed and stretched to constant extreme forces," Olaf says. Or, for the more science minded, the beds are shaken at 300 newton for over 10,000 cycles to test for any weaknesses. Afterwards came a slightly more unorthodox (but very practical) test. "I also climbed on top of the bed and jumped on it without the mattress. I'm 165 lbs. so I was happy that it held up fine for me!"

A vital place for kids to rest and recharge

Of course no test for a child's bed is complete without looking at the product from a child's perspective. Throughout the design process the team worked with research from child and adolescent psychotherapist Dr Barbie Clarke. Dr Clarke explains the role of the bed in children's rooms. "The bed is something that children can say, 'this is mine, my space'. Even if they are sharing a lot of other things, the bed is often a private area that helps them work out who they are, rest and recharge. When we do global research the children we interview will often say that their bed is the favorite part of their home."

Building on the research, the next stage naturally enough was to ask kids for their feedback. Deputy Range Manager Nina Hughes at Children's IKEA explains: "We're lucky enough to have an international school here, so we were able to bring in groups of kids from different parts of the world. Then we'd ask them things like, 'How does it feel to climb the ladder?' 'How do you feel about the height?' or 'Do the guard rails help you feel safe?'" With the kids' feedback (keep the orange bedposts and make the guard rails higher on the loft bed) and tick of approval, the design process was complete. The best part might be that even if TUFFING is soon reimagined into a castle or a nest, it'll be a safe one.

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Loft bed frame, dark grayTwin

Mattress and bedlinens are sold separately.
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TUFFING Loft bed frame, dark gray, Twin