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TUFFING Loft bed frame, dark gray,

Price $ 149.00
Mattress and bedlinens are sold separately.

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A loft bed is perfect when you need to combine several functions on a small surface. This one has passed the same tough safety tests as all our other loft beds. It’s just a little lower – and cheaper.

Article Number302.994.47

Product details

Children need space in their room to play and do homework – and sleep, of course. With a loft bed you can solve all of this in an area of just 21.5 sqft

You can use the space under the bed for storage, a workspace or seating.

A good solution where space is limited.

It’s easier to get in and out of the bed with a centered ladder.


Length: 77 1/2 "

Distance from floor to bed base: 57 1/8 "

Width: 38 1/4 "

Height: 70 1/2 "

Max. load: 220 lb

Mattress length: 74 3/8 "

Mattress width: 38 1/4 "

Max. mattress thickness: 5 1/8 "

Height under loft bed: 57 1/8 "


A Nightmare to AssembleMonaI’ve always absolutely HATED Ikea furniture and the instructions are exactly why. The instructions are ALWAYS unclear. You gotta follow pictures that aren’t even clear depictions of the parts. They need to work on improving all their manuals. My two brothers and I worked on it for 5 freakin hours and still didnt finish building it. And the bars that go across between the two sides to hold the mattress, it is SO UNCLEAR on how that was supposed to be put on, so we have to unscrew each pole and fix it and screw it back. It’s a little concerning & intimidating how high up the bed is, it’s like over 6ft. But it’s sturdy and can hold weight. I even tried shaking the frame in the store to see if it was wobbly and it wasn’t, which I didn’t assume it to be bc i doubt any store would sell something they could receive a lot of lawsuits for. 3
Nice and SturdyArmaniOnly took me and my brother to finish this in a maybe 2 hours. You need to carefully read it, as it was easy to mistake one piece for the other. The parts with the mesh was fairly easy if you know what to do. They do give you a small example on how to do it but it's not obvious. Instructions were pretty much clear for the most part. We also tested it by being on top of it. So it can carry around 260lbs (I weigh 120lbs and my brother is 140lbs). Overall, good price and very sturdy bedframe!5
Sturdy, beautiful and easy to assemble.JosefinaJust what I expected. My 11 year old grandson loves it. 5
A dream and a nightmare EsmeraldaListen, we picked up this at 5 in the afternoon and got home at 6 pm. Three people started the process to assemble this bed and we didn’t finish all. It was almost 11 pm and everyone was so stressed (only the frame where the bed goes and the stairs were missing by then) that we gave up and did the rest the next day. The next day…if you thought it was going to be easy just because the frame where the bed goes and the stairs were missing…you are WRONG…three more people and two hours later (after blood, sweat and tears) we finished…never again…I should’ve read the reviews before…and also looks sturdy. I tried it, works fine, as intended. I looked up in the internet supposedly hold up to 220 lbs. What you save by purchasing this bed outweighs the effort and time it takes to assemble it.3
Nice sizeCallistoIm enjoying the frame so far I wish the bars were a bit wider it feels like I might fall coming down the steps in the morning. Im wondering what the weight limit is on it I can’t find it posted anywhere! Not on the unit the box or the website4
The loft mesh cloth of bedWendyThe mesh cloth that goes on and around the bed so complex to tug on, also ripped the thread comes of easy pretty sure won’t last long4
Nice bedShantelNice bed however wish it didn't wiggle as much and was a little more sturdy. Have a 70 pound kid on top and it wiggles. Also pain in the tush to put together.4
My daughter loves itPhilipMy daughter has a small bedroom and she picked out this bed so she could have more floor space. She loves it and that's all that matters.5
The WorstCarlosIn my 43 yrs in existence, I have built a pretty good amount of beds including two bunk beds both of wood and metal. The Tuffing bunk bed lives up to its name because it is extremely TUFF to build. Even with 2 people it was not an easy task. All the screw holes are mis-aligned and the mesh makes extra difficult to grip the support bars to align with the holes. If you make a mistake (and you will), when you have to separate the 2 piece bolts, you will usually get only one piece back. Pray that one piece does not fall into the pole. This is by far the worst piece of furniture I have ever had to assemble and disassemble and return. I have never returned a bed. The price is very attractive but the time it will take you to assemble it’s not worth it. Better off paying IKEA to deliver and build. Let them suffer. I gave one star to all because I will never know the quality, value, appearance or works as expected.1
Kids bedAdrianaToo much4
It's a grate bed theLukeIt's a grate bed the kids love them5
Exactly what we wanted.IdaWe used it to give a tall space for our cats and it was perfect for them. We build stairs to the top for them. The only dislike is the ladder is in the middle and is very uncomfortable. The mesh was very confusing and it wasnt one person builder friendly. It also doesnt state a weight limit so I worry it isnt adult friendly. But all in all great product.5
It squeaks ALOT when you move breath etcMadisonI got this bed and after 1-2 months of having it just began squeaking pretty short as well hard to assemble ALONE2
Just want I wantedJacqueRead the instructions more than once before assembling. Have another person or two help as well. I was by myself and it took a bit longer than it should have and it was difficult. If I would have had the hand of another person I know it would have been done sooner. I love the height of it and it is pretty sturdy. My boys love it.5
good saving spaceElizabethIt was hard to put it togwther by yourself.5
PITA to put togetherXeniaThe instructions were a bit vague and confusing. Be sure to purchase the appropriate mattress, thickness-wise.4
Great find!NicoleGreat bed, very sturdy and son loves it! Higher off the ground than we expected so definitely for an older child if considering purchasing for a child!5
Expert Level Assembly RequiredVerified ReviewerI am an Ikea addict. I have assembled at least two or three dozen furniture items from Ikea across the years. Still, this bunk bed nearly defeated me. It took 3+ hours with a friend and at least another hour after that on my own to assemble this, and still, in the end, there were two screws in different places that I left out because I just could not get them to go where they were supposed to. It's a very solid bed for the price, but be prepared that this may take you the better part of a day, a friend, and a really large space to get fully assembled.4
Practise bedSilviaExcellent price/quality ratio4
Loft bedJackieInstructions were little hard to start but once we started it took little time and results were a very happy child who got a wonderful surprise.5
TUFFING Loft bed frame, dark gray, Twin

A bed for new perspectives

Life is pretty good here at the top of the bed. Teasing younger siblings can be kept at a distance, and when mum or dad says good night, the height is just perfect for a hug. Both bunk beds and loft beds are good choices when you want to create more space in a smaller area. With TUFFING, we also managed to make more bed from less material.

We made TUFFING bunk bed and loft bed of stable steel and mesh fabric, and somewhat lower than other bunk beds. It means less use of material and that each bed weighs less to transport.

Kids don't think about safety so we do.

By centering the ladder, the loft bed became more stable. The ladder also serves as a guard rail for the bunk bed – because children’s beds should be safe places, no matter if you are in the middle of play or deep in the world of dreams. That is why our children’s beds undergo rigorous furniture tests. The industry’s safety standards are very strict, but we take it further. When working with TUFFING, we focused especially on avoiding gaps and openings where small hands and feet can easily get stuck. When we had a model of the bed, it underwent two weeks of intense fatigue tests where the bed frame was continuously exposed to strong forces.

A vital place for kids to rest and recharge.

Throughout the design process we took part in research results from Dr Barbie Clarke, a child psychologist with many years of experience in research about children and their development. She explains the role of the bed: When we do global research the children we interview will often say that their bed is the favorite part of their home." It is something they can call their own; ‘This is mine, my space’. Even if they are sharing a lot of other things, the bed is often a private area that helps them work out who they are, rest and recharge."


What is steel?

Steel has unique characteristics when it is stretched and shaped since it remains strong. It provides strength to everything from skyscrapers and cars to bed frames and outdoor furniture. The steel industry is moving in the direction of more energy-efficient production and stronger steel qualities. It doesn’t lose any of its properties when recycled and today steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world.