Bunk beds

Bunk beds are a natural choice for limited space, cozy sleepovers and just generally for kids sharing a bedroom. Beds tend to take up quite a lot of space. That space can be used for more practical and fun things than another bed. That’s the advantage of a bunk bed – you can use the same floor space to store two beds by stacking them.

Bunk beds make bedtime more fun

Children sometimes share their bedroom with siblings. In those cases, bunk beds are both practical and fun. A bunk bed can also be a secret hut or cabin, or even a fortress! With a bit of fantasy bunk beds make a great cozy area for children, as well as a sofa depending on how you add onto it with cushions and accessories.

Different kinds of bunk beds

Most of our bunk beds are bed frames made for two mattresses. This means you can choose any of our twin size bed mattresses, so you can pick exactly the kind of comfort you want.

Normally a bunk bed would comfortably sleep two people. If you need to fit three people in, and you have very limited space, a bunk bed with three beds might be a good alternative. Our bunk bed SVÄRTA comes with two beds, two floors, but a third one can be added if you need it for a sleepover.

Another kind of bunk bed is a loft bed or a bunk bed with storage underneath. Both of these types of bunk beds free up floor space.