TUFFING Bunk bed frame, dark gray, Twin
TUFFING Bunk bed frame, dark gray, Twin
TUFFING Bunk bed frame, dark gray, Twin
TUFFING Bunk bed frame, dark gray, Twin
TUFFING Bunk bed frame, dark gray, Twin

It has passed the same strict safety tests as all our other bunk beds. To bring the price down we just used other materials and made the bed lower. It came out pretty cool!

Article Number702.992.85

Product details

A good solution where space is limited.The bed is lower than standard beds so that parents can see their childThe bed is lower, which makes it easier to make the bed.It’s easier to get in and out of the bed with a centered ladder. Bed base included.High beds and the upper bed of bunk or loft beds are not suitable for children under 6 years of age due to the risk of injury from falls.Mattress and bedlinens are sold separately.Max load indicates static weight, in other words the load which the bed withstands if you lie or sit on it.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Main parts:Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Fabric:100 %polyester
    Hand wash cold, 86°F (30°C).Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.Line dry.
  • We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.
  • This product comes as 3 packages.
    TUFFINGBunk bed frameArticle Number:702.992.85This product has multiple packages.
    Width: 22 "Height: 2 "Length: 77 ¾ "Weight: 54 lb 9 ozPackage(s): 1
    Width: 12 ¼ "Height: 2 "Length: 40 ½ "Weight: 28 lb 7 ozPackage(s): 1
    Width: 12 ¾ "Height: 2 "Length: 41 "Weight: 13 lb 14 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

Max. weight/sleeping level: 
220 lb
77 1/2 "
40 1/2 "
51 3/8 "
Height under furniture: 
5 3/4 "
Mattress length: 
74 3/8 "
Mattress width: 
38 1/4 "
Distance between beds: 
33 7/8 "
Max. mattress thickness: 
5 1/8 "


Perfect for my grandsonsFideliaPerfect for my grandsons5
Everything was real goodTERRYEverything was real good5
Light, easy to move around,RebeccaLight, easy to move around, not too high, although gets kind of noisy...4
SmilesbRwN BUNNY bAb3zMy youngest son loves his bed. He says it is so cool. I really love the look. Putting it together was how it always is lol but I did it. Everyone that sees his bed loves it5
GelineI bought it recently and happy with it5
Wow! That was toughjoninriVery difficult to put together. It took three people and several hours. I have put Ikea furniture together in the past but this was a whole new level of difficulty.3
ExcellentCarlosv42So many parts but works for me5
Easy to set up! SturdyThomas8178Bought this with a little hesitation after reading reviews about how hard it was to put the metal pieces together. Got it on sale and found it to be much easier than expected. Had a little trouble with the phillips screws at the end, but nothing a little elbow grease couldn't handle. My boys love it!5
Awesome bunkbedChanelg26I love this it’s low and easy to access for the kiddos and it’s easy to put together5
Who approved this designAngry rickySo after the stores began opening up I spent a good hour in line waiting to get in to get another bunk bed for the kids. You can imagine my disappointment after walking the store for over an hour just to find out the bunk bed I wanted originally was out of stock. So rather than wait in that awful line a second time to come back when it was in stock we regrettably purchased this horrid bunk bed and spent another hour checking out 3 hour trip to ikea just for a bunk bed so when the next day i literally spent the whole day cleaning and reorganizing the room to clear a space for the bunk bed. Upon opening the box it was clear it was a two person job. Assembling this jail house bunk bed took almost 3 hours due to its horrible design and instructions that looked like it was written by my 3 year old. The mesh was more difficult then it needed to be to get installed and some holes didn’t line up making me forcing it together. A good thing I ate my spinach that day. When I finally got the frame built it was time for the slates which was by far the more horrible engineering design since the Hindenburg. After struggling to slates screwed in you can imagine my utter and frustrating disappointed when two of the slates broke off leaving a piece still screwed on to the rest of the frame. Now you can imagine how the crime scene would have looked if my older son had jumped on the bed breaking it at these weak points crushing the younger son on the bunk below. I don’t think any cop would believe it was an accident and IKEa furniture could never do that. Boy was I wrong This is by far the worst piece of furniture I bought from IKEA and I got some doozies .. the worst part is the time wasted in the store getting this and the day wasted setting up the room.1
very sturdy but building it can take 2 daysMaywagThis bunkbed is a very good quality and study bed. All metal and can support weight. The only downside is that the building can be challenging. You definitely need 2 people and along time to build. It took me about 2 days to figure it out. This is definitely the hardest thing I had to build from Ikea so far. This bed sits very low, it is perfect for kids.4
It’s great for small area’sUinzBought this for my twins. It’s been great for small area’s.5
Make Sure You Get HelpM1nosThe assembly was a lot more difficult than I gave myself credit for. You WILL need another helpful assistant or adult to build this one as it gets quite difficult when assembling the pieces with the mesh and especially difficult when you assemble the mattress support, increasingly difficult when you have to secure the mattress support to the frame - OH GOSH! I thought I was technically and mechanically inclined to piece this together myself, but no. The features of the bed are quite nice, though. It's low profile for the bottom and top bunk keep it closer to the ground comfortably enough to meneuver around for my children. It is very sturdy (credit to myself for successfully assembling) and doesn't squeek with movement. This bunk bed is NOT meant for regular mattresses as they will be too tall and risk of injury can easily occur if the mattress top nears or passes the guard rails of the top bunk. Originally, I had thought the bunk would need a box spring, but the mattress support doubles as a box spring because of the mesh nylon fabric. Thanks to Ikea phone support for confirming this. Make sure you purchase a low profile mattress or the foam mattresses Ikea sells. They have been quite comfortable for my children without complaints. My wife has had to sleep with them on occassion without complaint. I suggest Article 50315875 MEISTERVIK foam mattress twin (one-hundred-fifty-dollars.) The plastic feet will allow this bunk to easily slide on hard surfaces. The bottom bunks guard rail can be placed on either side depending on the corner of the room (if placing in a corner.) Tip - the top bunks guard rail corners (each of the four-corners) slip through an opening INTO the mesh fabric. Keep this in mind when assembling.5
I like it !!! Its perfectYolabgMy daughters are happy, and the bed its comfortable4
Little RockyMami5522goI purchased to replace wooden bunk beds. These seem pretty shaky definitely not for kids over 6/74
Perfect size!cerjasWe were looking for a bunk bed for our two boys but our ceilings aren't that tall so this fit perfectly, Overall my boys really like their bed. The top bunk definitely will need the IKEA mattress as the normal ones, they can roll off, I imagine and the bottom bunk a normal mattress will do. The only downside was putting it together! Especially with 3 little ones around. But otherwise my kids love their new beds!4
Great bed for my 5 yr old twins!Nik CThis bed is very sturdy, if you follow the directions. I ended up putting this bed together alone and it only took about 2 hours. Would it help to have a extra pair of hands when it came to the mesh part? Yes. But if you take your time & breathe, it’s not bad. Overall for the price this is a great bed!5
Looks awesome!!Mommyof03I bought this bed a week ago and it was really easy to put together (follow the directions) pay attention to the details. You will need two people when you do the mesh part the beds go on. Other than that it was a really awesome deal and looks great!!!5
Great for Toddlers!Meagan27My 3 year old loves her new bed! It's perfect!5
Worst Assembly Ever!TheBusyBakersI have owned several different kids bunk beds from IKEA. This is by far the most difficult to assemble bed I have ever had the displeasure of making! The base of each bed is fabric with metal poles that are a nightmare to line up!!! Don’t waste your money!1
TUFFING Bunk bed frame, dark gray, Twin

The practical magic of bunk beds

Bunk beds can seem magical to kids. From being one of the smallest in the family, you're elevated to where you can see everything completely differently. Sitting up high, you might even be able to peer down at your parents or siblings. It's hard not to feel like you're in a nest, or a ship, or the tower of a castle.

Of course from a parent's point of view you're probably thinking about fitting two siblings in a room, or perhaps an extra bed so friends can sleep over. In either case, bunk beds are a clever way to make the most of children's sleeping spaces. With the new TUFFING bunk bed and loft bed, designed to be affordable and fit in smaller spaces, both parents and kids get a practical and slightly magical piece of furniture.

Kids don't think about safety so we do

Let's face it, when kids are in the middle of an activity the last thing they're probably thinking is 'is this safe?'. Because of this our children's beds undergo some of the most rigorous testing it's possible to do on furniture. There are strict industry safety standards to start off with, but for the TUFFING design team this was just the beginning. TUFFING product development engineer Olaf Szukalowicz explains the journey. "First of all we looked at global data covering all types of accidents that have involved bunk beds. Then we worked with the design and especially all the gaps and openings to stop these from happening again."

Next the team had to make sure the bunk beds could hold up to everything they could throw at them. "After that we tested the durablity to make sure all the parts are really tough. We do that with two weeks of vigorous strength testing where the structure is pushed and stretched to constant extreme forces," Olaf says. Or, for the more science minded, the beds are shaken at 300 newton for over 10,000 cycles to test for any weaknesses. Afterwards came a slightly more unorthodox (but very practical) test. "I also climbed on top of the bed and jumped on it without the mattress. I'm 165 lbs. so I was happy that it held up fine for me!"

A vital place for kids to rest and recharge

Of course no test for a child's bed is complete without looking at the product from a child's perspective. Throughout the design process the team worked with research from child and adolescent psychotherapist Dr Barbie Clarke. Dr Clarke explains the role of the bed in children's rooms. "The bed is something that children can say, 'this is mine, my space'. Even if they are sharing a lot of other things, the bed is often a private area that helps them work out who they are, rest and recharge. When we do global research the children we interview will often say that their bed is the favorite part of their home."

Building on the research, the next stage naturally enough was to ask kids for their feedback. Deputy Range Manager Nina Hughes at Children's IKEA explains: "We're lucky enough to have an international school here, so we were able to bring in groups of kids from different parts of the world. Then we'd ask them things like, 'How does it feel to climb the ladder?' 'How do you feel about the height?' or 'Do the guard rails help you feel safe?'" With the kids' feedback (keep the orange bedposts and make the guard rails higher on the loft bed) and tick of approval, the design process was complete. The best part might be that even if TUFFING is soon reimagined into a castle or a nest, it'll be a safe one.

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Lowest price

Don’t let the price fool you

TUFFING bunk bed has passed the same strict safety tests as all our other bunk beds. We just used other materials, made it lower and replaced the guard rail with the ladder. All to make it exactly as safe to sleep in – just a little cheaper.

Bunk bed frame, dark grayTwin

Mattress and bedlinens are sold separately.
Available for delivery in select locations
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TUFFING Bunk bed frame, dark gray, Twin