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Wood Beds

Wooden bed frames are sturdy, comfortable and match almost any bedroom. Choose between cribs for your children to large beds for you and your partner. These wooden bed frames never go out of style, and they add character to any room. Browse the different colours and sizes to find which wooden bed works for you.

White bedsWhite Metal Full BedsWhite Metal King BedsWhite Metal Queen BedsWhite Metal twin BedsWhite Wood Full BedsWhite Wood King BedsWhite Wood Queen BedsWhite Wood twin BedsWhite Full BedsWhite King BedsWhite Queen BedsGray bedsGray Full BedsGray King BedsGray Queen BedsBlack bedsBlack Metal Full BedsBlack Metal King BedsBlack Metal Queen BedsBlack Metal twin BedsBlack Wood Full BedsBlack Wood King BedsBlack Wood Queen BedsBlack Wood twin BedsBlack Full BedsBlack King BedsBlack Queen BedsBeige bedsBeige Full BedsBeige King BedsBeige Queen BedsBrown bedsBrown Full BedsBrown King BedsBrown Queen BedsBlue bedsBlue King BedsBlue Queen BedsRed bedsGreen bedsGreen Full BedsGreen King BedsGreen Queen BedsPink bedsPink Full BedsPink King BedsPink Queen BedsMulticolor bedsYellow bedsTurquoise bedsLilac bedsOrange bedsCoated Fabric BedsFabric BedsLeather BedsMetal BedsMetal Full BedsMetal King BedsMetal Queen BedsPlastic BedsUpholstered BedsUpholstered Full BedsUpholstered King BedsUpholstered Queen BedsVelvet BedsVelvet King BedsVelvet Queen BedsWood BedsWood Full BedsWood King BedsWood Queen BedsFull size bedsKing size bedsQueen size beds

What are the benefits of a wooden bed frame?

A wooden bed frame is a classic option that goes with pretty much everything. This is important, because your bed is a central part of your home. It’s a place of comfort and safety, where you recharge to take on another day. Wood helps create a warm, cosy feeling in that private space. Its sturdiness also lets you rest without the bed moving or creaking, leading to better sleep quality and a sense of stability.

Wooden bed frames match any interior

The classic look of a wooden bed frame means it can fit almost anywhere. In fact, wood is the material people often think of when they think of IKEA furniture. That’s because its timeless appearance is part of IKEA’s Scandinavian design heritage. From traditional bedrooms to modern houses, a wooden bed frame will always be a good match and a classic choice for your home.

A wood bed is sturdy

Wood is naturally sturdier than many other kinds of materials used for bed frames. It doesn’t move or creak as you sleep, and it’s durable and robust. Wood bed frames are also especially resistant to wear and tear, meaning less upkeep and maintenance for you or your family. These beds stand the test of time, letting you sleep comfortably and safely night after night.

A wood bed frame is timeless

Wood is a timeless material that’s always in style. In fact, wood has been used as a bed-making material since ancient times. This timelessness means that wooden bed frames can match almost any kind of furniture or interior around them, and you never have to worry when it comes time to redecorate. Explore different sizes and colours to find an IKEA wooden bed frame that fits your taste.

Wooden bed frames are environmentally friendly

Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly materials you can use in a piece of furniture. It’s natural, renewable, recyclable and it doesn’t create extra waste. This makes a wood bed frame the perfect choice for ensuring a better future for our planet. Metal bed frames can also be an environmentally friendly option, since they’re similarly durable, easy to maintain and usually recyclable.

An IKEA wooden bed frame uses sustainable wood

When you buy an IKEA wooden bed frame, the wood is often either recycled or sourced from renewable forests and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This certification means the wood is not taken from any vulnerable forests, and the working conditions in the forests are carefully regulated to ensure workers’ rights.

Wood bed frames are built to last

These frames can stand the test of time and last for years to come. A solid wood bed frame is built for strength and durability, and it’s made to last. It doesn’t need to be quickly replaced, and it’s less prone to damage and wear and tear over time. Wooden beds are also extra easy to clean and maintain, meaning you never have to worry about getting them dirty.

Wooden beds come in different colours

Bed frames can be made in many different colours and colour combinations. Some of the most popular colours include the white bed frame range, the black bed frame range, and the grey bed frame range. Search using the filters on this page to discover more.

Combine your wooden bed with any mattress style

Any mattress can be matched to your wooden bed frame as long as it’s the same size. This includes firm mattress options, soft mattress options, and waterproof mattress options too. And if you need help choosing a mattress, check out the convenient Mattress Buying Guide to learn more.