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Update: Restaurant closed

At the moment the restaurants are closed until further notice.

After checkout you can go to the Swedish Food Market to buy some Swedish food.

The Bistros in some IKEA stores in the Netherlands are open. Check the page of the store near you to see if the Bistro is open.

IKEA thanks all visitors for their understanding and cooperation.


Advent calendar

Nice to get and to give! The IKEA Advent calendar makes the countdown to Christmas Eve even more fun. Score the advent calendar in one of our stores and make December even more fun.

HUVUDROLL plant balls

Who doesn't know them, the iconic Swedish IKEA meatballs. We have a more sustainable, healthier and plant-based alternative. Want to eat less meat without compromising on taste or texture? In that case this plant ball is a great option. The new plant ball looks and tastes like the meatball, but it’s made with pea protein, oats, potatoes, onion and apple.

Welcome! Enjoy our delicious dishes at the IKEA restaurant for surprisingly low prices. From breakfast, to brunch with salmon or a dinner with Swedish meatballs. We only use sustainable ingredients, which is good for you and for the environment.

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Bistro dishes

Various wraps with vegetables and fish on a wood table


Wrap chicken Caesar € 3.99
Wrap hummus & kale € 3.49
Wrap smoked salmon € 3.99

Flavoured lemonaid


€ 2.19

Vegetarian hot dog

Veggie dog or Hotdog

€ 0.90



€ 1.69