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Are you ready for new furniture in your bedroom? With a bedroom set you create peace and unity and you lay a stylish foundation in the bedroom. A bedroom set consists of several pieces of matching furniture specially designed for the bedroom. Choose a complete set or choose only the furniture that you need, such as a bed, dresser, wardrobe or bedside table. A large part of the sets are available in different colors, sizes and styles. Choose your favorite furniture and give it a place in your own bedroom.

NORDLI bedroom set

The NORDLI series gives the bedroom a timeless and clean look. The furniture in anthracite and white offers a good basis you can enrich with robust, rustic or Scandinavian accessories.

Do you need a lot of storage space? The NORDLI series ensures all your stuff is stored and you can sleep peacefully. The series consists of a bed with drawers, bedside tables and chest of drawers in different sizes and with a different numbers of drawers.

HEMNES bedroom set

Do you want to create a rustic style in the bedroom? The light wood grain, the edges in the design and the traditional handles on the drawers give the room character.

The HEMNES bedroom series consists of beds, day-beds, chests of drawers, (open) wardrobes, dressing tables with a mirror, bedside tables and mirrors.

MALM bedroom set

The MALM series is a good basis for the bedroom. The bed is has a sleek design and offers plenty of storage space in the drawers under the bed. A home office, drawers units and dressing table have also been included, so that you can study, relax and prepare for a new day!

The series is available in white, black-brown, white glazed oak veneer and brown glazed ash veneer.

NORDKISA bedroom set

The NORDKISA series leaves a good first impression in the bedroom. Create the base with furniture in white and use NORDKISA as a finishing touch. By combining white with bamboo, the look and feel of a fresh beach house is created. The colors blue, green and yellow together with bamboo form a good colour palette.

The bedroom set consists of open wardrobes, bedside tables, benches and dressing tables.

BRIMNES bedroom set

The BRIMNES series for bedrooms focuses on large furniture with plenty of storage space. Ideal if you can put your winter duvet in the drawers under your bed, you have enough space in the closet for clothes and shoes, and put some books in the headboard of your bed.

The set consists of beds with drawers, headboards, dressing tables, sofa beds, bedside tables and wardrobes, bookcases and chests of drawers.

PLATSA bedroom set

The PLATSA series is perfect if you have angled walls in your house or just want to go up for storage space. With the PLATSA planner you can customise your own combinations based on the type of arrangement, layout, doors, handles and legs.

In addition to the personalised cabinets, you can also choose an existing combination. There are fixed combinations for wardrobes, storage combinations, beds with storage space, chests of drawers, media furniture and wall storage.


The BJÖRKSNÄS series contains useful bedroom furniture. Do you need the whole set or just a bedframe or wardrobe? The BJÖRKSNÄS furniture has a warm look, because the series is made of solid wood. This material makes the furniture wear resistant.

The bedroom set consists of a bed frame, chest of drawers and bedside table.

SONGESAND bedroom set

The SONGESAND series contains functional furniture for the bedroom. The series consists of beds, drawers, bedside tables and chest of three, four or five drawers. The furniture is white or brown and the edges and handles create a classic look.

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