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Stock information

Stock information

    You can check whether a product is available in your store via our online stock information service by entering the product name or article number. Stock information is updated every 45 minutes, therefore the stock in the store may sometimes differ from the information on the website.

    The best time to check the stock is just before you leave for your favourite IKEA store.

    Via product page

    On every product page you can see whether the product is in stock at your IKEA store. You can also click through to the stock information. In addition to the current stock, you will also see stock forecasts (how much we expect to sell) and the stock location.

    Using your mobile phone? Then you can find this information under the product. Viewing our website on your computer? Then this information will be to the right of the product.

    Via the article number

    Type your article number in the search bar above. Click on the product for which you want to know the stock, and view the stock information on the product page.

    Stock in the online store

    It is easy to check whether a product is in stock in the online shop.

    The shopping bag indicates exactly which products are in stock and which are not.

    Items ordered online are delivered from our central warehouse and not from an IKEA store.

    FAQs on stock information

    Can an item that is not in stock be supplied from another store?

    It is not possible to order items from another IKEA store. The stock in each store is replenished directly from the distribution centre. Articles are not exchanged between stores.

    Why did the stock on the website not match the stock in the store?

    Sometimes computer-listed stock may not match the actual stock at the IKEA store. There are several reasons for this.

    There may have been customers in the store who had the item in their trolley but had not yet paid for it. It is also possible that damaged items have not yet been debited from stock.

    IKEA always strives to keep stock information up to date. It is possible that we underestimated the popularity of the offer in question and that the item sold out quickly.

    Why is an item that is no longer available still on the website?

    Items are placed on the IKEA website worldwide through a central point in Sweden. If an article is incorrectly placed on our website, we will always inform the co-worker responsible as soon as possible about the fact that an article is still on the website. Unfortunately it will take a bit of time before this article is no longer visible. We apologise for any inconvenience.

    Can I use my IKEA app to check stock in other countries?

    It is indeed possible to check the stock in an IKEA store outside the Netherlands. The IKEA app enables you to choose an IKEA store other than your local one. This also applies to an IKEA store outside the Netherlands.