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Waste bins & bags

There is a sense of satisfaction in cleaning up and getting rid of things you don't need. You can easily create order out of chaos with our bins, pedal bins and waste baskets. Dispose of paper, junk and other waste hygienically, or give it a new life with our waste separators.

We have bins for storage, transport and disposal.

Our waste baskets, bins and bags make sorting and storage a breeze. In a blink of an eye, they help us to create order out of all of that clutter that just seems to come out of nowhere. Many of our bags fold up so you save space when they're not in use. And most of our boxes and bags have handles. You can move them easily. We also have special bins for waste separation. You'll be able to sort your cardboard, plastic or green waste quickly and easily. Many are small so they can fit into a cabinet or into each other.

Waste containers and bags for a tidy house

We produce all a lot of waste in just one year. Let alone our entire lives. So recycling is a normal part of life that is made a lot easier with the IKEA waste containers and bins. We have waste bins that will go with the decor of any office, work space or study. From plastic bins to minimalist waste baskets for paper. The bags in the range are suitable for collecting plastic. And our iconic blue IKEA bags are almost indispensable for a move. Store your bedding and clothing hygienically in practical clothes organisers for long periods.